Mulberry Scarves

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I know we usually talk about bags, but I really love Mulberry scarves (I have 3 already)

    AND... I have falled in love with a fouth,

    Do you guys think €315 is too much for a scarf?


    Do you reckon this particular on will go on sale?

    Any advice & input welcome please! :smile:

    Emma :smile:
  2. It will only go on sale eventually if there is any stock left unsold - but I would say this beauty will be rather popular as it is a gorgeous colourway and print......

    Of course designer scarves are expensive - but ask yourself this - do you adore it and can you see yourself wearing it and enjoying it a great deal and thereby justifying cost per wear? - if so, then go for it. I am a complete scarf nut! - my last stock take came to around 200 :shame:....and that's being conservative - but mine all range from high end (mostly discounted) to cheap - whatever takes my eye really - but I did pay full price for the black version of Fabulous Finches last Christmas (as a prezzie to myself!!) and don't regret one bit!!....:love::biggrin:.
  3. Yeah I love it! I already have 3 Mulberry scarves - the A/W Blurry Bloom (denim & Heather pink) & bamboo print in plum from last year.

    It is lovely though isn't it?
  4. Ooh beautiful scarf! I to have a bit of a scarf addiction, only have 1 Mulberry which I am waiting to wear when the cold weather kicks in.

    Personally I think you'd get a lot of wear from a scarf in this print - the little flowers would match with lots of colour combinations and they would also add a special something to a black/neutral outfit. I'm not one to enable (that often ;)) but I do think it's a beautiful scarf that will always look great!

    (Now I want one!!)
  5. thanks guys :smile: :smile: such a nice scarf!! Trying to tell myself that I don't need it, but to be honest .... I think i do!
  6. It is nice and I think Harrods have it online. They might be having a 10% off weekend in the future if you can hold out (not been one for a while).
  7. I have one mulberry scarf and I adore it! It's a lot of money but you'll get good use of it :smile:
  8. Go on hun - y'know y'wanna!... ;)...
  9. Oooh just get it! Its a lovely scarf but then again, I'm a bit of a scarf nut too haha! I tried to tell myself I didn't need my McQueen scarves but they are rather addictive too!
  10. I so love the monster scarf

    BUT - £325 on a scarf, or £325 on a bag? sorry, bag every time for me
  11. I love the monster scarf too! It would definitely be a novelty item for me though, I don't know what I'd wear it with - other than my monster keyring hehe.
  12. I love the monster scarf too! Hopefully that will make the sale ;)

    I too bought the fabulous finches scarf, it was pricy but I knew I loved it, but managed to buy it during the Harrods 10% off weekend so saved a bit of money.
  13. You see in some ways, scarves are almost impossible to resist although we can talk ourselves out of bags.... :smile:
  14. thanks ladies!! what could I match it with ?
  15. If you love it, I say go for it! It is a lot of money but I also think the quality of Mulberry scarves is great. I'd like to get one too, but unfortunately wouldn't get much use out of it because it gets so cold here and the scarf looks quite sheer.

    But oh, it looks so nice there paired with the burgundyish red :love: