Mulberry sample sale next week London

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  1. Just got an email's on for 3 days and stock will be replenished...invite by email only and you have to book a place on one of the 3 days

    Tues 11th to thurs 13th 10-7 the music rooms 26 south moulton lane mayfair
  2. Was talking about a trip to London only today ......if only I had got an invite ....

  3. Are you allowed to take a guest? And if so, how do you feel about bringing a random off TPF?!?
  4. I didn't get an invite :sad:
  5. I didn't get an invite :sad: is there a link someone could share?
  6. Would be incredibly grateful if someone could forward me a link or would fancy a plus one for the Tuesday
    Also, any one have any idea whether Mulberry, like other sample sales, reduce heavily on the last day?
    Or will it simply just be the same prices as outlet?
  7. No idea...happy to forward the email to anyone who send me their email address by pm and you can but try to see if it works for you
  8. Emails says you need the email as proof of invitation and admits,named so no plus one sorry

    No refunds or exchanges on products bought at sample sale
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    I can't seem to pm you I am in London for meetings next week so would be easy for me to give it a go...
  10. Email sent hope it works
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    Hi there, afraid I can't PM but would love if you could forward to me - if that's ok! Much appreciated - thank you!
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    On its way
  13. Thank you :smile:
  14. Has anyone been to a m sample sale before are they worth going to? X

  15. Ooh will you go Elvis? Sounds like a really lovely day out.

    who sent you the invite, Bruno?