Mulberry Sample Sale in NYC next week!!!!

  1. Oooh! I'll be there then!


    Thanks for the info.
  2. OOH, how exciting ladies, just in time for Christmas :yahoo:

    Please keep us posted on any purchases :tup:

  3. update:
    no phone orders.
    for those who can make it in person, indeed, post your "finds"!
  4. Wow, sounds fun! Hope you NY-based Mulberry girls can get there and snap up some delicious bargains.
    Looking forward to seeing pics!
  5. this is great news! My boyfriend wants a mulberry messenger bag, and was thinking of getting him one for Christmas!

    I looked around at the sale stuff in the Mulberry boutique on Madison and the sale bags at Barney's, but was underwhelmed. Hopefully the sample sale will be more interesting!
  6. I am so there! I doubt the prices are going to be as good as the sale in August but at least it should be better organized. The Metropolitan Pavilion is nice and roomy. And with any luck, it won't take 2 hours to pay by credit card this time.
  7. thanks for the heads up
  8. Any news yet? I wish I had been there today :sad:
  9. olga -
    there is a thread under "Deals/Steals" for this sample sale. People have posted and those that were there early really did benefit:
    Roxannes, Red Mabel (for $300!!!), and Zebra Bayswaters were the first to go. People scored on Smithfileds, Wiltons, etc.......I think the Ready to Wear was ravaged.....sounds like a lot of fun and madness. Check it out!
  10. just few days ago I didn't have any Mulberry, now I have 4 pieces to call my own! Now I'm hooked on Mulberry.
  11. SPILL THE can't possibly think that you'll get away without telling MORE or posting PICS!!!!
    UUGHHHHG - what four pieces? Tell us about your experience.....and of course, PICS!
    Congrats on your fabulous finds!
    Welcome to the wunnerful world of Mulberry