Mulberry sales

  1. Am i right in thinking they have a sale in the summer? If so when? ( my Birthday is in June!!!)


    (still lusting after a bayswater! - probably won't be in the sale anyway!!!)
  2. OOOOO...I would like to know too!
  3. yes please i wanna know too!:yes:
  4. my store in Edin seems to have sales on all year round! The store doesn't seem to do that well for some bizarre reason
  5. The bayswater was on sale at Nordstrums Mall of America about 2 weeks ago. Call them and see what they have left. There was a bunch of Mulberry's on sale.
  6. I've noticed that the sales seem to be sporadic. As I'm in Australia we don't have any Mulberry boutiques so I resort to the internet to purchase my Mulberrys. I know just finished one of their sales as did the US department stores. I think some may still be on sale on - they may have a patchwork bayswater. also has a couple on sale, but no bayswaters.

    I remember net-a-porter having a fall treat sale starting around last September, so maybe there'll be a spring treat sale that commences in March. Your best bet is just to sign up to these sites so they periodically send you emails etc
  7. I have gotten both my Mulberry Phoebe and my Mulberry Elgin, both in black on great sales at Saks Fifth Avenue right after Christmas. The Phobe was $525, almost half price and the Eligin was $340, about 60% off.
  8. They have been having some great sales on them at Nordstroms! Let me know if you need phone numbers, but the Elgin, Bayswater, Alania and Roxanne's were well under $500.00
  9. flyvetjo - where are you based? The Mulberry HQ has twice yearly sales - January and, usually, May or June. I can find out and let you know but it depends where you are in the world as each store that stocks Mulberry decides its own sales.
  10. UK Mulberry sales are usually in end of Dec/ early Jan and end of Jun / early Jul. The long term styles and colours won't be on sale, but there are posts saying you can find these items in Mulberry outlets in UK. If you are in London, I would recommend you to check Liberty first during the sale. It is because during the Christmas Sale (the one just passed), most Mulberry bags were 50% off (not the iconic ones) while other Mulberry stores or concessions had 30% discount only. However, I am not sure if this is the case every year.
  11. In Somerset in England, (near Shepton Mallet) Mulberry have a factory store where you can pick up some excellent bargains. I think its only open mon-fri though.
  12. Hi all. The factory shop in Shepton Mallet is open 7 days a week. It's open 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sun. The phone number is 01749 340 583. The manager, Andrea, is really helpful. They currently have some Emmys, Alanas and Kensingtons. The current offer is 30 per cent off the RRP - hope that helps. I'm tempted to a little trip down now!
  13. Hi I'm in Cambridgeshire in UK so not near any of the outlet stores but am going up to York end of May (where there is an outlet!). Just don't want to get bag for my birthday (beginning of June) then discover there is a Mulberry sale a few weeks later!

  14. you can also give Shepton Mallet a call whenever you want to buy the bag, if they have the bag in stock, they can post it to you. I think they charge £7.50 for postage and package.
  15. I didn't think Bayswater would be on sale ever, atleast not if it's the classic colours.