Mulberry Sales - what bargains have you had in the past?

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  1. So as I understand it, this season's bags will enter sale around June. This is the first season I have been 'into' Mulberry so I do not know much about what to expect other than I had better get saving now, lol.

    I have a few questions and I would be grateful if you could assist with any of them. Do most items tend to make it to the sale? What sort of discounts are we likely to see? Do some retailers discount more than others?

    Finally, tell me of your sale bargains, your stories will warm my heart I am sure.... :yahoo:
  2. Classic colours (oak, black, chocolate etc.) never make it into the sales. also have an, ahem, interesting stock system. I ordered 3 items in the Winter sale, none of which physically existed and I had to be reimbursed for all of them. That aside there are always some good buys.
    My beloved chocolate poppy hobo was £250 in the Christmas 2008 sale - down from £650 - they had an extra 10% off day on the first day of the sale.
  3. Sadly I think the days of the good old fashioned sales have gone!! Last time discount was typically 30% off- before it used to be up to 50% off and as hew mentioned you used to get an extra 10% off during the sale preview. Last couple of times a lot of the good stuff was sold out either before or just after the sale started- if orders were even honoured- it was a fiasco!! Most retailers offer the same 20-30% off as Mulberry - but one or two still do 50% bargains- a lot of girls on here got the putty leopard bays half price on NAP and John Lewis and HOF do good sales- JL online and instore- I guess the key is to suss what you want and get in early
  4. During 2009 I relied on the outlets rather than the sales as the discounts have got much smaller (as Elvis mentioned) - I'm doing the same for 2010 - there seems to be a good selection at the moment too - plenty of styles and colours.
  5. Yes- I once got a bays at the outlets for £386 with cloche and feet!! They are so tempting to visit though as you want to buy so much
  6. Thank you Hew and Elvis, that makes interesting reading. I kind of suspected that the classic colours might not make it to sale very often. You must have been gutted re the mix up with your 3 orders, Hew. It is awful when that happens. Worst part is that in the delay between you ordering them and you finding out tey were not coming I bet you missed out on the opportunity to buy them elsewhere on the sale. What an amazing deal on the choc Poppy though, that is the kind of thing I like to hear!

    Elvis, that is a shame that the days of the mega deals are gone. 50% is a cracking discount. It seems then that I might focusmy efforts on HoF. Our local one sells a wide range of the bags. Hopefully most stuff will make it in! I have no particular bag in mind though at the mo. Thing is though, I suppose that outlet prices might be as good as sales as they are often 30-30% off. Do current season bags often make it to the outlets does anyone know?
  7. Current season bags do make it to the outlets and the flaws on them are usually so minor that you wouldn't notice. The outlets also get special purchase bags too - they had chocolate printed bays and EW bays at the end of last year. The bulk will be last season - annoyingly they seem to currently be stocking items I missed out on in the sale! They also often seem to stock bags from the previous season that were sold out (Mulberry could have sold them full price - go figure).
  8. Not often IWANB- there is normally a few seasons delay before bags start coming through. The other place to look is smaller shops- the girls often post details on the shopping thread- I have a canopy store near me in Nottingham and they often have Mulberry for up to 50% off at the end of their summer and winter sales- including purses and small leathers. Somtimes the little places are goldmines and most seem to do mail order- just regularly check the shopping section as everyone posts bargains they find in stores or at the outlets and then we all ring up- shops must hate us!!!
  9. That is odd indeed. Perhaps they realise that the styles are good sellers so continue to produce them even though they have already filled the 'new season' so to speak? The mabels sold out online yet there were lots of them when I went to york. Ikwym re annoying that you were not able to get hold of them at the time you actually wanted them though!
  10. ^^ just out of interest i was told by a local ish Boros SA that M were withdrawing their concessions from the smaller stores this year....whether this is true or not i dont know but have noticed that Jules B have no M atm.....
  11. Good tip re the smaller shops and checking the shopping threads. I will certainly do that.
  12. That would be a real shame if true! Smaller places often tend to be more competitive with their prices, perhaps this takes business from mulberry online?
  13. ^^ ita....
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    Last couple of mulberry sales have been a bit hit & miss to be honest, although saying that I got my lipstick roxy in the summer sale for £440. Julesb, tessuti & mywardrobe sales are good though, I got a oak ledbury for £280 in june 09 from julesb, choc bays for £428 in nov 09 from tessuti, lipstick purse for £100 (was £150) from psyche & black bays with mywardrobe code last week, so you can get the classic colours with a discount from these online retailers but you have to be quick, although not sure they all now carry Mulberry as poppys just stated.
  15. Some great deals for you there Iluvbagsnchocs! Thanks for the heads up on the names of smaller stockists. My wardrobe have been fab so far this year. Am glad you got such a good price on the bays, in a classic colour too, well done!