Mulberry Sale

  1. I'm kicking myself for missing out on the ostrich Bay they had on NAP. Does the Mulberry website ever have sales? Any sales anywhere else to be on the lookout for?
  2. Mulberry have an online sale around christmas time(or just after) and also a summer sale .

    There are random sales throughout the year at different stockists.
  3. thanks for the quick response!
  4. They will also have a sale during Christmas though. You might wanna check first with them by calling one of the boutique in the U.S. The sale ranges from 20 to even 50%. depending on the items. Seasonal items usually have higher markdowns.

    Good luck
  5. Hello Mulberry lovers! :yahoo:
    I'm quite new to Mulberry world and want to have one so desperately!
    I don't have a lot of money as I am a student, so I hope there will be a sale or something.
    The one on Madison Ave. in NYC, Do they have sale during the winter? especially during the Christmas time?
    or Do I have to order the bag online?
    I want the bayswater !!!(It does not have to be the oak though..)
  6. Im not 100% sure when the US sale starts, as it is often different from the start of the UK sale .. which I believe will start online on Christmas day!

    Just so you know, the classic Bayswaters (oak, choc & black) dont go on sale at all in any Mulberry store (unless they have a special event with 10% off or something!!). You can occasionally get them at a discount on some other sites like Net a Porter or My Wardrobe etc.

    PS - Welcome to the wonderful world of Mulberry ;)
  7. Thanks I will buy one anyway during the christmas time

  8. Hi there! Madison already started their pre-sale last week! Everything (except for their classic stuff) is 30% to 40% off, but the SA was telling me everything flies out of there pretty quickly, so hope you will be able to get something there! GL!
  9. I just bought the putty leopard Bays clutch from Mulberry on Madison Ave. 30% off. The matching long wallet was also on sale. Several things are 30% off. Ask for Ehab. If you know what you want he'll let you purchase over the phone.
  10. Well done skyqueen. Were you tempted by the wallet too !!! I loved the Madison Ave store. The staff were so lovely. Is it usual to have sales in NYC at this time of year? If it is I'll start going in November!

    Remember to join The Lovely Leopard Club. it's getting very international :biggrin:
  11. I don't remember anyone here revealing any Black Shimmy with gold hardware? Regular and the Tote are now OOS on the website. I hoped they would make the Sale as they are so classy. Just shows how unrepresentative we must be on here in a way, do you think?
  12. The shimmy is a range that has grown on me TBH and I was disappointed to see the OOS on it as I hoped it would make the sale:graucho:
    However I haven't given up!
    Putty Bays clutch was OOS earlier in the week and now has "coming soon-notify me" on the website:nuts:
    What are up to, I wonder???
  13. Oh, Corries...I was soooooo tempted to get the wallet, actually to get anything in a wallet. I just bought a gorgeous black Prada (God, forbid) wallet so I didn't need another wallet. The SA I ordered through was so lovely and HELPFUL. Plus no sales tax saved a bit even with S/H. I wish I could figure out how to post pics, they are always too big.
  14. Are you ordering from the UK Skyqueen? I was wondering why no NY sales tax. Is S/H shipping & handling? Doh!

    If I can't resize I send the pic to myself as an email. Then I re-save it on top of the original and its now a thumbnail size (jpeg) which I can post on the forum but click to make bigger.
    There has to be an easier way but I'm too impatient to read up about it!
  15. Don't know MB. Black Mabel Hobo is OOS but Orange Daria Satchel is Coming Soon? I was after both of these. I thought Black Mabel hobo would always be around but I can't find any online.The Black and Gold Shimmy is lovely. All versions.