Mulberry Sale

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  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just had a huge markdown on many Mulberry handbags. For all of you ladies who live in the UK, this is a great deal because the US prices are already less expensive to begin with.
  2. thanks for posting!

    does it include Baywaters??

  3. ...oh goody, do you have a link to the website?
  4. ooooo what kind are on sale and for how much? :yes:
  5. Please I MUST know!
  6. I checked the website , there's no Mulberry item found.:confused1:
  7. Nordstrom usually doesn't have Mulberry's on their website. You have to contact one of the stores and they can track one down for you. Hope that helps.
  8. I just want to know the prices and styles that Nordstrom that Chanelboy is talking about
  9. Thanks CHANELboy!!!!! I just called Mall of America and I should be getting a call back. I am looking for an Oak Annie. I asked if she would let me know what else she has. I will post whatever information Fran (the SA) will give me. So exciting. :yahoo:
  10. Ok Mulberry fans, start dialing. The number to Mall of America in Minnesota is 952-883-2121. Speak with Fran in handbags, she is great. She has Emmys in chocolate and white, no oak. She has some Annies, I'm pretty sure she said blond with oak trim and chocolate with oak trim. She also had Chester, Kensington and Soho hobos in chocolate. I got the last Oak Annie (but you never know) for 709. I had two gift certificates from Christmas so for me, this was an awesome steal. I'm not sure about the prices for the other bags, also, not sure if she had the Bayswater. But definitely call, as always, Nordstrom Sales Associates are super helpful and Fran was no exception. Good luck!!!!
  11. Kudos, CHANELboy, you made my day, and probably many others out there!!!!
  12. Just had Deb at the Mall of America Nordies searching for a Bayswater of any color--no luck! She said they have them on order for fall, but that they're not on sale. :sad:
  13. NO!!!!!! :tdown:
  14. The Nordstrom in Chicago has the patchwork bayswater on sale for 40%. It's beautiful but not my taste. Their number is (312) 464-1515.

    They had some gorgeous bags, but nothing I was interested in buying. Good luck!
  15. Nordstrom Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CA had a black Annie for $709 as of last weekend. Hope this helps someone!