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  1. today I went to mulberry in amsterdam,
    sterre worned me that it was a franchise shop and they make their own prices. She was right.
    The shimmy was 1000!!!! euro's instead the 800 euro's said on the website!

    I bought a taupe shimmy and it was 30% off, but then I ask if their sale is different than the website and they said no so I got 50 % off, and at the website there was no taupe shimmy soooo i'm soo happy!

    My first mulberry!
  2. Well done you are so lucky. Is it the East/West one?

    I really hoped that would be in the sale. I bought the straw regular one instead.
    Taupe is gorgeous :yahoo:
  3. no just the regular one.
    But straw is also beautiful. so many nice colours.....
    yeah i'm starting saving already haha
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