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  1. ^^^ oh no! How frustrating! Mulberry need to get a better stock control system.
  2. I mentioned it in the other post too - but what was it that you ordered? Perhaps someone has seen them in the Mulberry/HOF stores etc & could help you!?
  3. Missed the start of the sale and the 10% (sunning myself in Kefalonia). Returned tonight and within 10 mins, logged on and brought: Taurus silver key ring for my dear Mum, Sagittarius silver key ring for me! A4 Lipstick pink Roxanne Tote, Canvas Make up bag in Turquoise, Purple coated canvas Roxanne Not sure about the Roxanne - not really me but I just lusted after it! Everything worked fine so I hope we all get what we want. Oh happy days!!!
  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:what a spree - well done!
  5. Did anyone buy any shoes or boots in the sale? I'm pondering.......are they really very high? Or can you actually walk in them?? :nuts:
  6. ^^They look very high, gorgeous, but very high!
  7. I did and they are high , great for special occasions though :yahoo:
  8. ^^Sadly, if I wore them the special occasion would be a trip to accident and emergency! :lol:
    I love the Bayswater pumps though and would give anything to be able to wear them.

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. URGH I just got charged an additional $300 + from UPS for delivery duty and taxes, that is nearly another bag :sad: I am never ordering from Mulberry agian
  11. what!! that's absolutely preposterous, Audrey! how can that happen? can you complain about it?
  12. They can't be sure or deal with/responsible for the additional overseas tax as stated on their website. Which is why I chose to send it to my friend in UK instead of having it directly sent to me.
  13. Audreypost, how come they charge you an additional few hundred from UPS? delivery duty and taxes? I think they are not allowed to charge you without notice? or is that over AU$1000 so you have to pay the tax?
  14. Audreypost, what's your total purchase in mulberry sale?
  15. :shocked::faint:
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