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  1. I wanted the other colour of the patterned enamelled type but they are out of stock of that one now.
  2. Oh what a shame - they must have sold out yesterday. I wish I had known you wanted one - I would have gotten them to keep it aside for you! Sorry :sad:
  3. Thanks that is so sweet of you :heart:

    Must go out now. Have just forced myself to run through the 50 odd pics that I just took of myself with my Black Shimmy Hobo. I have deleted most of the ones where I look like Satan's Mama and the other set where I am clearly trying to use my camera like a crucifix to ward off my evil son.

    I am now left with the merely depressing set which I must choose from later on.
  4. Just bought the cracked black metallic bayswater. I'm now after the same in the clutch. Has anyone seen it in Manchester?
  5. Do anyone knows when will the online sale ends? TIA ladies! :smile:
  6. I have been looking at these online KLP. Is it a comfortable on the shoulder and do you think you could fit long locked purse in. I got somerset bag but find canvas strap bit uncomfortable as digs in a bit.
    How will you manage to store it that long without being tempted to use it?
  7. I haven't tried my long locked purse inside but I reckon it would fit - I tried a continental wallet inside it before I bought it as that's what my mother has.

    It fits comfortably over the shoulder, though I didn't try it with a coat on so not sure about that. The strap itself is very comfy.

    Lol, no, I won't use it before giving it to my mum, that would be so wrong!
  8. I've really enjoyed reading this thread! Its fun to see what everyone has bought.

    I bought a black coated canvas Bays from HOF and a lipstick mini coin purse from the website. I really wanted the heart frame keyring but its sold out :crybaby:

  9. This really made me laugh....appealed to my sense of humour !!

    Satans Mama look good !!
  10. But you didn't see the pics that I deleted.
  11. Thanks KLP. Will have to have another look as is very cute but not sure if looks bit too sophisticated for me!
    Sorry I didnt mean use it then give it to your mum that is cheeky, just know when i buy presents early i am always tempted to keep for myself. You are more disciplined than me. What a fab present to receive your mum will be thrilled.
    That could be a good idea for my sis.
    Thanks again
  12. Jenova, your posts have made me laugh! I love the way you write:biggrin:

    Just posting quickly to say i've just been looking omn, don't know whether Mulberry have restocked but there are some items that were sold out back on..

    there are 3 silver cracked Ava's with the chain, some nude quilted shimmy hobos, champagne mabel hobo... may be worth checking the site in cae there is something you're after
  13. It's definitely a cute style, I wouldn't say it's too sophisticated at all. I think it's feminine with the ruching (sp?) on the front.

    Oh, I see what you mean now. I don't think I'll keep the Joelle for myself as it wasn't a bag I was after. My mum drooled over it when she came to visit in February so it seems fitting that I should give it to her. What a good daughter I am! :nuts::P
  14. Received the Mabel purse in Cognac saddle leather ordered on Wed evening arrived Friday very nice apart from the strange smell my chocolate one smelled the same so will just have to wait for it to diminish :biggrin:
  15. I don't have any pics to post as Mulberry after accepting my order and telling me it was ready for despatch are now OUT OF STOCK!
    THANKS MULBERRY! :mad::mad:
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