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  1. Finally the day and time had arrived. :smile: I was so excited and bought up big! What did everyone else get and any thoughts on my purchases?!!

    1 RL0653_342G110 Purse Wallet (Oak - Natural Leather £110.00
    1 RK3228_476G101 Mabel Keyring (Cognac - Smooth Sadd £36.00
    1 HH7224_498G110 Roxanne A4 Tote (Oak - Light Natura £267.00
    1 RK3221_000D130 Horse Keyring (Silver - Metal) £36.00
    1 RK3177_000D130 Leo Keyring (Silver - Metal) £15.00
    1 RK3178_000D130 Virgo Keyring (Silver - Metal) £15.00
    1 HH7345_498F130 Joelle (Chocolate - Light Natural L £267.00
    1 HH7346_498F130 Joelle Shoulder Bag (Chocolate - Li £177.00

    Let me know what you all bought! I can't wait to hear....:yahoo:
  2. I was terribly restrained and whittled my shopping basket down to:

    Scorpio Keyring (Pale Gold - Metal) �15.00
    Aquarius Keyring (Pale Gold - Metal �15.00
    Aquarius Keyring (Silver - Metal) �15.00
    Printed Bangle (Black - Metal / Ena �81.00

    I have picked up several items since then but have put them all back apart from one which I will probably also reject.
  3. Wow! What a haul!
    I ordered Betsey sunnies and a crimson pocketbook. Thinking about going back and ordering the red envelope keyring, but with three orders that would mean paying £19.50 postage.
    Think I will restrain myself or hope one pops up on ebay!
  4. Jenova I wish I was so restrained! The key rings are great and what a wonderful bracelet you chose.
    I would go back and order more Ladycornflake but as I am in Australia postage was 35 pounds so for me that converts into over $75.00 so I am now done!

    I just got an email from mulberry stating:

    Thank you for ordering from Mulberry.

    Your order requires additional security verification by our customer
    services team.

    We will send you a confirmation e-mail within the next 72 hours.

    What does this actually mean! Will I still get my order? I don't want to miss out if the items are not put through for me.
    My account has been charged and the order has been paid for.. ARGH what does it mean!!!!!!???????? :confused1:
  5. I ordered.......
    Bays pumps in fuschia £123, webbing belt £32 and a aquarius keyring £15 for DD
    They may all go back, so could be a very cheap sale for me!
  6. Nothing! Don't worry it should all go through, they just need to verify address etc for security reasons!
    Great haul BTW! Enjoy!
  7. Well done girls! My buys:-

    Roxanne tote (black lightweight antiqued) £357
    Shimmy hobo (nude quilted leather) £312

    Love that bangle Jenova. Is that the one Taz was after too? Wonder if it can be tracked down elsewhere?

    Audrey, I don't know what that means - is it your first order from the website? Maybe email customer services to check?

    ETA Phew, just seen shopaholics post, hope all's well then!
  8. I have been tussling with a black mabel and on my third attempt to pay......I THINK its gone through.......who knows! Tried to get Butterscotch mabel but it was already out of stock and still debating lipstick roxanne but have bought so many things recently I am thinking I need manackling to my sofa, and for financial security I should swallow my credit card!
    Looks like everyone has picked up some great things. :smile:
  9. Thanks shopaholic, I was beginning to freak out!! I am so happy with my purchases. The only one I was unsure of was the Joelle, I have never seen it IRL, does anyone know what she looks like?
  10. Who's taken all of the mitzy hobos ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh :sad:
  11. The bangle might be? I worked out that there was only one in stock last night and went straight to pick it up at 8.50am.

    I have been flirting with the Nude Quilted Shimmy Hobo a lot this morning as it comes in and out of stock.
  12. Just ordered black and chocolate A4 totes, won't keep both though, may even return both, very undecided but wanted to have them both home to try on with different outfits, jackets etc. to make up my mind.
    The price is great and I've been thinking about that bag for a long time, just not sure about color and how I feel about the open top.
    Just got the usual email saying my order needs additional security verification...happened the last time as well, not sure what that means in terms of delivery time line.
    Now the waiting begins...UGH!
  13. The roxanne will look amazing in Black Alycat and the shimmy hobo is great... so so exciting!
    I am from Melbourne Australia so instore here at Myer (only place Mulbery are sold here now) there was 4 or 5 bags all season to choose from, so to come on here I did go a little crazy.
    Thanks for the support!
  14. Mitzy Zip Pouch (Turquoise - Smooth �63.00
    Bayswater (Denim - Denim Ticking) �203.00


  15. :nuts: Please please post pics when you get this as I was soooo tempted, but already have an oak bays and a navy patent and I kind of thought that the denim was a combo of the two (ish, not fabric wise I know) and when would I choose it over the other two? Therefore I went for something else entirely...:graucho:
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