[Mulberry SALE purchase] faulty item when it arrived

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  1. I need some advices for my friend as she has bought a shimmy in mulberry sale recently but the bag is faulty item when it arrived!!!! oh this is totally disaster for her and she's now willing to ask Mulberry to get refund or exchange.

    My friend wants to know is that ok if she ....

    1. Request Mulberry to pick up the returned bag for free (pls be reminded that she's in Australia)

    2. Exchange another bag and refund the price differences

    3. Ship the new bag (NO FAULTY BAG AGAIN) to her

    anyone had similar experience? please advise. Thanks.:biggrin:
  2. anyone can help? my friend is frustrating now :tumbleweed:
  3. If you check Mulberry online and read return policy it states that you pay your return postage UNLESS item is faulty!

    So i'd say, call or email mulberry CS with your friends story and they should arrage pick up and also refund the faulty item. (you can always exchange, but refund is also possible)

    Good luck!
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