Mulberry sale purchase- blossom pochette

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  1. I picked up the blossom pochette fiery spritz in the M sale, thought it would make a good compact hands free mummy bag!...

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  2. I missed out on one of these it's gorgeous congrats!
  3. Mine in oxblood arrived today, aren't they cute??
    love your red :smile:
  4. Nice, I loved the Oxblood too! Really cute and I'm actually surprised with how much it fits! Xx
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  5. smaller Daria wallet fits right in, I posted my reveal few mins ago, and I'm sure it will be a fab and handy travel case which easily converts into an evening bag on a long strap!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Love this pop of red! Many congrats & wear in the best health & happiness!
  8. How pretty. Oxblood is so on my list of colors for Mulberry. Enjoy the red. It's gorgeous. Enjoy!
  9. congrats! i wanted to get this color too. i am new to mulberry and just happened to check out the sale online while my baby is sleeping. i bought the taupe pochette and can't wait to pick it up at the boutique. like you, i find myself needing smaller compact bags. i find the idea of this pochette good and i love taupe. do you mind checking where the made in tag is located and see where yours is made? i bought the pochette in a rush or better said on impulse but the price is good so it's okay. i have an iphone 6 plus, would that fit in the pochette? so sorry for the questions and thanks in advance for your help!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum! Congratulations on the pochette Laura! I was able to pick an oxblood one in the sale, it's my first Mulberry and I love it! I like how versatile it will be!

    bag heaven I checked my bag to see where it's made- it's says Made In China just under the second credit card slot. HTH and that you are enjoying your pochette too!
  11. This bag is so versatile, and I love the colour of yours! I have the Cara Delevigne one, can't remember what the colour is called though but it was an impulse buy and my first Mulberry
  12. I also bought mine on impulse - I just couldn't resist picking one up for half price!
  13. It's such a great piece, definitely a good impulse buy that you won't regret. All of the previous collection items that I was interested in have been transferred. Maybe it's for the best, if things were half price I'd have bought double!
  14. thanks for your reply BagLady1983. i am yet to be called by the boutique in order to pick up the pochette. i can't wait. i like practical and multi-purpose things. i am sure i will enjoy this piece. again, thanks so much!
  15. No problem!