Mulberry Sale Online! Additional 10% off today only

  1. Hi,

    thanks for posting - do you need a special link or code or something ... i have gone to website and cant find sale items?


  2. Same thing here, can't see any sales :crybaby:
  3. I got this through an email and it works - maybe if it has not come directly to you it doean't work?:confused1:

    You need to click in and there is a sale category right at the bottom!

    They have Alanas, Emmy, Vanilla Ledbury and Annie and a few others - not bad at all!:graucho:
  4. I can't access it either!
  5. no joy here either
  6. Maybe they have done something to stop us all from sharing?! :crybaby: I know a Mulberry sale link was shared on tPF about this time last year...
  7. eeek. i really want a mulberry bag, so if anybody could pass on the link i would really appreciate it. :smile:i bought one off their site last year, its weird that i didnt get an email ...:sad:
  8. When I clicked on the invitation, it brought me to From there, you can shop the "Sale" items. It seems like the additional 10% off is included in the sale price.

    Unfortunately, my favorites are still full price, but the Alana and Emmy bags are a good bargain.
  9. Ooh the emmy is the one i want - how much is it, if its not to much hassle ... ?
  10. To get to the sale click on "Shop Online" then click on "Sale"
  11. There is no sale when you click on your link...
  12. Great. Thanks
  13. Brilliant - thanks for the link