Mulberry Sale - London

  1. Hi

    Does anyone know when the Mulberry Sale will be starting in stores? I know the online sales starts Christmas day.


    Stef x
  2. Hopefully Boxing day,I know my local HOF sale start`s then and I suppose it will depend slighly store to store.

    For actual Mulberry store`s I am thinking boxing day but could be wrong!
  3. OOOh I hope so, do you think the Kensington or Smithfield would go on sale?
  4. Not if they are new season bags , normally I think its last season or older bags that get reduced , They might put a newer one in if its not been a good seller for them.

    Some of the other ladies might know which bags will be reduced:yes:
  5. hmm i don't know normally I would say boxing day but I am pretty sure last year a lot of the sales started on the 23rd?