Mulberry safety tips

  1. Hey all I've lurked on here a little :smile: You've even helped me in relation to a dubious couple of Chloe's my friend wanted me to bid on for her.... (I own 2 limited edition Metallic Paddy's from this season in Pearl and Bronze, a Mouse Silverado and a White large Betty and a metallic clutch too but I still value your help as it's not my No #1 area of expertise....) but....... I'm more a Mulberry fanatic (15+) and have been selling some of my authentic bags from my private collection on eBay for a while. The price is being driven down though by the amount of counterfeits and it is sad how some bidders really can't figure out why you won't let a brand new £600 ($1200) bag go for £100 ($190). Sadder though are those that have already been scammed... Anyways....A few bidders have contacted me requesting assistance so I threw together a guide on eBay which is now rated 1642th or something on the UK site but subsequently have also done a little document with pics of real v fake. Quick question - is this something you think would be useful to see on the tPF site? Let me know, either PM or I'll track the thread. Thanks :smile:
  2. :tup: I think it is quite difficult to authenticate eBay items and many TPF members would purchase on Ebay if they were sure it was a real deal. I would go ahead and post it. I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. Just be careful that you don't advertise your own auctions because it's against policy around here and they take it very seriously.
  3. It might be interesting if you posted the guide, as I am not doubting your knowledge, but the guides I have read have been flawed and have offered incorrect information. Only the other day on this forum, someone had posted a message about zips on Mulberry bags, and that she had read that if they did not zip from right to left that they were fake. That is not true and she was doubting the authenticity of the item she had purchased based on that.
  4. Cool. I'll get it into a HTML friendly version and get it posted.
    I wouldn't advertise my own listings as I'm hoping that this is the last bag sales I'll be doing for a LONGGG while :wtf:
    Baby changed my life and bank balance but I've only been getting rid of those I've never carried.

    I mean, there's *life changing* and *LIFE changing* !!:yahoo: