Mulberry Roxanne

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  1. Good afternoon
    Hi everyone I'm new and just trying to find my way around the site.
    So, I bought this bag. I feel stupid now because I didn't do the relevant checks or buy from a trusted site/seller. I know now the market is flooded with fakes so hopefully someone can put a carefully trained eye over my purchase.
    Item: Mulberry Roxanne
    Item no: 391481317115
    Sellers id: disco0206
    LinkLook at this on eBay
  2. Hello Alexandra,

    You have now been advised twice how to post a bag for authentication.

    Hello and welcome to the Mulberry forum.
    All requests for authentication should be posted in the designated thread, which can be found here:
    Please ensure you read the very first post in this thread before making your request, as it gives all the details on required format and information required to enable our Authenticators to process your request quickly and efficiently :smile:

    Any further posts not on the correct thread will be deleted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.