Mulberry Roxanne

  1. I guess Mulberry doesn't get it's own section but I am looking seriously at the Mulberry Roxanne from Match Point. That one was Oak, everyone talks about Oak and Neiman and Bergdorf sell Ginger. Has anyone seen the difference between the two colors?
  2. yes, and ginger is definitely more orangey. I prefer the oak, myself. luisaviaroma used to have pics of ginger coloured mulberries if you want to check the colour out.
  3. Thanks Amina, just knowing that helps. The pictures Neiman shows are pretty orange and I wasn't sure if it was just the lighting since when I go to Net-A-Porter and look at Ginger in another Mulberry bag, it doesn't look entirely different from the Oak of yet another picture. I think I would prefer the Oak but Net-A-Porter, Neiman and Bergdorf don't have it. If anyone knows where I can find Oak without ordering from London and paying shipping plus $80. est. VAT please let me know. Not eBay - thanks!!!