Mulberry Roxanne

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  1. I'm kicking myself for not buying a Roxanne when Bob Ellis had them on sale. I'm having a hard time finding them online anywhere except Mulberry's Web site. Also, I'm undecided which I like better, the oak or the chocolate. Any opinions from those who have the oak or chocolate?
  2. I don't own one, but I really like it in oak...I think it's a beautiful color that goes well with everything.
  3. NAP has them on sale now too.. fyi ! So pull out that credit card. ;)

    I prefer the chocolate, unfortunately, I don't have a Mulberry yet though.
  4. I have green and the ss/06 weave coconut. I love them. Try LVR much better deal than NAP IMHO.
  5. I love the Roxy in green! :love: I've also seen it in red, which is very pretty.
  6. Me too!! Ooo...I bet the red is beautiful.

    I've gone out and brought three pairs of green shoes too! Yikes...i'm going green crazy! :shame:
  7. I have the roxy in oak,i considered buying the chocolate as well
  8. What is LVR?
  9. I think the choco is quite nice. I would love a mulberry roxy, but not in my price range!
  10. I'll bet the red is beautiful. NAP only shows the apple green as being on sale. It's a cute color, but I'm looking for the more neutral oak or chocolate.
  11. What do you bagaholics think of the darwin satchel mulberry on NAP?
  12. How much is it in US dollars for a Roxanne?
  13. Here is a beautiful Roxanne I found on NAP.
  14. 0o0o0o i like the buckles! :biggrin: how much does one of these sell for these days?
  15. I love the Roxanne - It is such a great bag...but, if you have not held one I warn you it weighs 3 lbs 4 ounces empty.

    Filled that could be 5-7 pounds you are toting around...can you tell that I love to look at mine but hate to use it.