Mulberry Roxanne

  1. Anyone know where I can find one online?!?!?!? or anyone wanting to sell it??

    i can't seem to find one at a decent price...for more info please check out my post on sellers watch ( no one replied so i thought I might get more attention here)
  2. Do you live in the UK? If you do I can point you to the Mulberry factory shop and a couple of outlets. If not you can buy it on the Mulberry website which I believe is but obviously no discount! They sell for around £595 over here - good luck!
  3. hello katy...thanks for the jsut wondering would you know how much they are in the outlets ??
  4. This is not for a discount or anything, but I know they had them available on the website a few weeks ago. They had the bag in Oak, which I think is the best color for it personally. I actually ordered it but ended up returning it because I just didn't love it enough to justify the price tag. I didn't like the super tiny interior pocket, the fact that it is unlined and to me the darwin leather has kind of an odd smell. I decided to use the $ toward another bag instead! But I can see why people like it, it does have a really cool casual look.
    I think" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter has the bag available too but no discount there either unfortunately.
  5. yea i know how u feel i can't justify the price for a bag like planing to use it as a beach/boating and dog bag so its gona really take some abuse to it...
  6. LVR has it in chocolate, white and black glace and their prices are a little better depending where you are.
  7. good oldcustom taxing canada
  8. I have an oak roxanne but I don't think I'd recommend the bag as a beach/boating bag. The Darwin leather is just not appropriate for that type of activity. I really love:love: my roxanne ... I don't think I could abuse mine that way.
  9. it either that or my MC speedy or a Chanel is the cheapest that i like...and its the only one i dont have hahaha...
  10. what color did u want? I may have one for u brand new=) wut price range were u looking to pay?
    I wanted to post this sale earlier but i have not yet had 75 posts yets... im close tho! i think i have like 60 something posts.
  11. ur at 70...hehe..yay....umm im open to any color option!
  12. think that net - a - porter had a pink one on sale last week?
  13. Miss V - I haven't actually been to the factory shop yet - it is just outside a town called Bath in the southwest of the UK. As I live in London I am planning a trip down there in the next few months and will post a new thread to tell everyone about what the discounts were like. I learned about it from an assistant in one of their shops who assured me that they were substantial discounts though the products were seconds. However she said that she had looked at a lot of these so-called seconds and the flaws were tiny - she found them hard to spot even though she worked with the bags every day.

    It won't be for a few months - work gets in the way of shopping at the mo, how annoying!
  14. I have the rosemary and bought it by calling the closest Barneys NY store (in Boston) - no problem shipping - they were great!
  15. Miss V, I have a brand new one in Oak that's getting shipped to me from London in a week. Will you be intersted by then?