Mulberry Roxanne with no brass tag?

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  1. Hello All.
    This is my first post on Purseblog (I'm bypassing the intro thread--shame on me!), and I'm desperate to put this question out there with the hope that someone will have an answer for me.

    I've just bid on a used Oak Darwin Mulberry Roxanne on ebay. It appears to be authentic, except that it has no iconic brass tag below the interior pocket. I've been in contact with the seller, and she informed me that she purchased the bag at Berdorf's in NYC in late 2004, and that it was one of the first lines of Roxannes produced so that may be why it has no tag. I really do believe that this bag is legit, and I'm looking to use it forever (not resell it), so no brass tag is not important to me UNLESS it means that it's not an authentic Mulberry.

    Does anyone have any info regarding the history of the Mulberry brass tag?
  2. Do you have a link to the auction?
  3. Hi, I've owned a lot of Mulberrys in my time and bought a Roxanne when it first came out from Harvey Nichols that definitely had a tag - the reason I can be so sure is I sold the bag not long ago and it was one of the authenticity points interested buyers all raised. That is not to say at all though that this buyer's story isn't accurate - different countries may do different things. I'd be inclined to contact Mulberry via email/ and see what they say about tags. Worth a shot?
  4. p.s. welcome and I hope you enjoy it here - I love it!
  5. Hey Kymo.

    I too have lots of Mulberry bags. I have two Roxanne's and 1 Roxy - they all have the little disc-shape thing attached to the little pocket on the inside of the bag. It's a varification tag that proves it is genuine.

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PERSON if they are saying it's genuine and it doesn't have this tag - ALL MULBERRY ROXANNE AND BAYSWATER BAGS have these brass tags.

    I would hate for you to waste your money. It is probably a very good looking fake.

    Good luck!!! :shame:
  6. HANG ON A MINUTE - Just one more thing - Mulberry were not available to buy in American stores until mid 2005.

    They only started to import from Britain in 2005 according to all the stuff I've read on Mulberry.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL, I don't think this seller is telling the truth - I don't think she'd legit.

  7. Hi! I have 100% authentic Mulberry Roxanne darwin leather bag, it is a quite old bag, bought in the UK. It does not have any brass tag below the interior pocket. But still, be carefull if you are buing bags from eBay.
  8. Hello

    I've got a genuine Mulberry Roxanne, which I purchased from Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I bought the bag about 2 years ago and at that time, the bags came with no tag. They were originally called 'Roxy' bags and Mulberry re-introduced the tag in 2005 due to demand for some form of ID. It's a real shame, though, that crooks are able to reproduce these so easily and even a tag with a number is no guarantee of authenticity. Always be careful with buying bags on Ebay.
  9. I have a genuine Mulberry Roxxanne and it has a tag, but my friend who bought it when it just came out doesn't gas a brass tag, and I know really sure that it is authentic!!!!
  10. Please post this in the "Authenticate This" thread and the ladies there will cast their expert eye over it - have a look at post no 1 and post in the correct format.

    For what it's worth (and I'm not one of the experts) it doesn't look good to me.
  11. I've got an old Phoebe that is definitly authentic, purchased from Mulberry but it hasn't got a disc inside. Hope that helps.
  12. Not all mulberries have a brass tag, especially the older ones...
  13. Second that!