Mulberry Roxanne Questions

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  1. I need your opinions, fabulous ladies of this forum.

    *Does anyone know where I can buy the Mulberry Roxanne?

    *Do you prefer the oak or the chocolate? I can't seem to decide. They're both fab.

    *How much do they retail?

    Thanks! xoxo, C
  2. I saw them at Saks at the Dallas Galleria not too long ago.
    LOVE them, but they were heavy adn I didn't look at the prices.
  3. Saw one at Barneys in BH last weekend, there are also a few at NM in BH, but not the oak.
  4. My Nordstrom carries them (in addition to Saks and NM). My friend just bought one and she said it's not quite as heavy as she thought it would be but the leather is not *that* nice for the price. And the interior is not lined in any way. She got the oak and it's gorgeous in pics. I have played with a few at various places and while I reeeeally like them, they just weren't a bag I could commit to.
  5. Love the roxanne! It's a great bag! I have the coconut weave and an apple green. I got the green on sale from The SA said they were going to be having their next handbag sale in June.
  6. I think that is the beauty and funkiness of Mulberry bags. Not being lined does't bother me in the least bit. The leather is thick and lush...I love it.

    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza had one last weekend, retails for $1195 I believe.

    Here is my baby. :love:

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  7. Bjara: That is GORGEOUS!!!! Which color is that?
  8. Oak :smile:

    Here is my Phoebe in chocolate. Love her lots too. :love:

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  9. Love:love: my roxanne! I have a Fendi spy and Chloe paddington but I carry my roxy more than any other of my bags! I love how its so simple in design yet it looks so hip. It always makes my outfits look so modern. I have it in oak and it goes with everything.

    I absolutely love the Roxanne, Phoebe, Araline (JUST £295 lol) all the varieties:love: ...i'm waiting on a Rosemary (same as a Roxy but with a shoulder strap):biggrin:
  11. Where oh where can I find an oak Roxanne? I missed out on the big sale that was on bobellisshoes and could cry :cry: I have been wanting one of these forever but can't afford the full price of $1k or so. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one please PM me? I would be forever grateful ;)

  12. **jealousssssssssssss** That bag is to die for!

  13. I have a Mulberry Rosemary in tan, and I absolutely love it!!! It is smaller than the Roxeanne, not heavy, and it can be carried as a satchel or as a shoulder bag. I bought mine at NM in White Plains, NY. It was $995. The Roxanne is a little more. Here's a pic of my Rosemary.