Mulberry Roxanne Question- PLs Help!!

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  1. Does anyone know the difference between the "Large Roxanne" and the "small Roxanne"? I did not realize there are 2 sizes.:confused1:
  2. I have not heard of Roxanne coming in two sizes, but there are at least two other styles from Mulberry that are similar but smaller; Rosemary & Blenheim. (pics from NAP)

    W: 13,5" (32 cm)
    H: 8" (19 cm)
    D: 7,5" (18 cm)

    W: 11,6" (28 cm)
    H: 8,3" (20 cm)
    D: 6,25" (15 cm)

    W: 11,25" (27 cm)
    H: 6,25" (15 cm)
    D: 4,6" (11 cm)
    roxanne.jpg rosemary.jpg blenheim.jpg
  3. I used to have a Roxanne and am pretty sure there was only one size available when I bought it. When I sold the bag, relatively recently, to a real Mulberry fanatic, she didn't mention there being two size options and I am pretty convinced she would have known - she was a woman obsessed!
  4. I think you're right - there is just one size of Roxanne (it was still called "Roxy" when it first came out), but since the Rosemary and the Blenheim are similar in style, they are sometimes referred to as the "small Roxanne".
  5. ^^^ I also confirm that ^^^
  6. Thank you All for your quick response.

    I too did not know there were 2 sizes,:shrugs: but I have had 2 people ask me about this on my listing.

    You all are terrific!:yes:

    Thanks Again
    Robyn:flowers: :flowers:
  7. IMO the Rosemary never held a candle to the Roxanne - Roxy took all the awards in my Mulberry book!!!
  8. ^^ I agree - the Roxanne Rocks! A lot people refer to the Rosemary as a small Roxanne and a ledbury as a small bayswater :yes:
  9. The Rosemary is to small and I even prefer smaller bags. The Roxanne just looks better.
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