Mulberry Roxanne observations


Feb 14, 2006
First off, for those looking for this bag, it is available in Saks Fifth Ave in NY. They have several pieces in stock for two sizes (the smaller one sells for $995 and the larger one, which is the more classic one retails for $1195).

I think they are beautiful and I was contemplating getting one but after examining the bag up close, i found a few things I didn't like about it. First is that the bag is unlined. If I'm going to shell out this much for a bag, I expect the bag to have beautiful lining on the inside just as it is beautiful on the outside. I'd rather spend the money on something that is more worthy of the investment (say the Muse or Stam). That is just my opinion. I know there are lots of Roxanne owners here who love the bag and can vouch for its quality. But I have a budget for bags and I expect and want my bags to be not just gorgeous but to have top class quality and craftsmanship, to be more detailed oriented. Unfortunately, I just didn't see that with the Roxanne.

Anyone else shares my sentiments?
oh god, did it really just delete all 4 of my posts? this forum is wack, and it was a really long post too. now i'm pissed. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

to make it short, mulberry's aren't worth the retail price, get them on sale.

but i was there today too at saks. lots of balenciagas, and i love the chloe box satchel they had.
I love the roxanne. The lack of lining is part of the vibe of the bag. If you must have a lining, you should think about a diff. bag.

The leather is TDF. It's great, thick, gorgeous leather. The colors are beautiful. I have an apple green and a coconut weave. They are some of my fav. bags.

I agree with Fayden about sales. These bags tend to be on sale. So if you can wait, you'll get them for almost half. I got my apple green from during their sale for $600. June would be the next good sales month.
I have an oak Rosemary that is not lined as well. It really doesn't bother me though. The leather is fabulous, and the Rosemary can be carried as a satchel or as a shoulder bag. I love that about this bag!
My friend said the same thing about the lining. Personally, even though I understand that it suits the style, the lack of lining would bug me too. I think. Still LOVE the bag!
The whole style of the Roxanne doesn't call for a lining - It is a solid, thick, gorgeous piece of leather inside and out and IMO it will last forever. I wear mine (the larger one) on my shoulder and it fits great, even with a thin jacket.The Oak color goes with everything. I love it.