Mulberry Roxanne: in or out?

  1. DO you think the Roxanne is a trendy bag that has seen it's day or is it still popular?
  2. Personally I still like the look of the Roxanne bag. (Actually I like most of the Mulberry bags.) And it's not a bag I can see everywhere from my experience (I've seen more than 50% of the ladies in those fancy shopping places carrying LVs). However - I find the Roxanne bags are not very convenient. Every time I need to close it I have to wrestle with three magnetic's easier when opening, but to me closing is even more important...
  3. I have the roxanne in oak and I still carry it around. I really like the design of the roxanne ... I feel so chic everytime I carry it, it just makes my outfits more hip. I bought mine in December last year and still haven't seen another person carrying it at all ... that just makes mine more unique (everyone here seems to carry LV, fake and authentic).
  4. I've got a Roxanne, and I don't think they'll be looking dated anytime soon. The style is pretty classic and timeless, in my opinion--very traditional British (weekend in the country/foxes-and-hounds), if you know what I mean!

    Plus, Mulberry has been making the Roxanne since early 2004, so its already been around for a while and is apparently still pretty popular... I recently sorted through my bags and decided to get rid of a few, but I held on to the Roxanne.
  5. ive just got given a mulberry roxanne does anyone out there know how i can tell if its fake???
  6. Roxanne will be around for a while. Unless futuristic Logan's Run type bags suddenly become all the rage. :smile:
  7. personally i don't really like this style. althoug it's a great bag, but it's just not my style :P
  8. i love it - very london chic!
  9. I like it - but I don't pay too much attention on what's in or out :P
  10. Oh, I sure hope the style will remain popular for a while. Ha ha. I have one in chocolate color and I tend to use it when I wear sloppier clothes (i.e. sneakers, jeans, sweatshirt) because it's the most casual bag in my wardrobe.
  11. I have one and I agree with these comments - there is absolutely nothing trendy looking about the Roxy - just pockets and buckles which never go out. I love mine, there is always an occassion or an outfit for a Roxy!
  12. I saw tons of mulberry in london.. I love mulberry. I agree the Roxanne is not the easiest bag to get in and out of but I love mine and I think the quality is great and they will def be around for a long time to come
  13. I love my Roxanne, it is such a classic design. A lot of people don't exactly even know what kind of bag it is, but I get compliments all the time.
    It is quite heavy, but if you use it much, you get used to it and free muscles too!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag, but never see any on the streets in Minneapolis! Not sure why, but it will always be in if you like it.:yes:
  15. I agree with long as you like it, it'll always be in!! I'm a big believer in buying what you like and know you'll carry. It's actually a draw for me when certain pieces aren't seen all over!