Mulberry Roxanne Darwin Oak on ebay

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  1. Looks good to me.:yes:
  2. looks good??? yeah it looks good (cause some of the fake one looks good too), but is it Authentic???
  3. If i have to choose one bag only in my entire lifetime (seriously), this would be it. I can't find it anywhere else with the OAK color. Can someone help???
  4. It looks good to me, but I sold one last month on ebay and I would recommend checking Neiman, Saks, Barneys and Nordies web sites. They have all had them on sale for that price. Right now Neiman and Nordies have the bag on sale for $500.00 or $600.00 and I would imagine the sales on the 26th, you will be able to get one for even less. Then you would know for sure you are receiving an authentic bag. I am always a little leary buying from someone with No feedback, but that is just me. Good luck and it is a Gorgeous bag!:yes:
  5. I would recommend calling the Nordies Mall of America store 952-883-2121 and ask for the Designer Bag Department, they had a whole BUNCH of Mulberry Roxanne, Bayswater etc. on sale a week ago and I bet you could get the Sales Associate to either send you one from their store or she will find one for you from another location. I think I've worked with a girl named Courtney, but anyone there is very eager to help!
    Good Luck!:flowers:
  6. Thanks Robyn for your help, i will call them after Christmass.
  7. Sure! I hope you find it! I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I see it while I'm out and about!:smile:
  8. That would be so GREAT!!!!! much!
  9. Haha - no, looks good, as in looks real!!!:yes:

    I've got a Rosemary so i can study the details, and everything on this one adds up, IMO.

    Although, i have to admit, i am intrigued to know which tPF member is selling it!;)
  10. Looks good to me but I worry about the seller's feedback...or lack thereof...just ask all the right questions and make sure you communicate with the seller every step of the way. New sellers can be legit too, and I've bought from quite a few zero feedback sellers myself with no problems. Good luck!