Mulberry Rosemary: Who's got one?

  1. Hi Ladies! The only Mulberry I have so far is the Rosemary, which seems to have been discontinued. Anyone know why? Not popular? Too small? I bought mine on sale -- and I'm sort of "iffy" about it, because it is on the smaller side, and yet, that's sort of what is good about it too. Sometimes you don't feel like having a huge bag. It is small, but edgy. Anyway, no one ever writes about the Rosemary or that they even have one....So if you do have one, tell us why you chose it, how you use it, and if you love it or not. Thanks!;)
  2. I have one! Its oak, what colour is yours tropicalgal?

    I do love it but I havent used it that much tbh, however I can see myself using it a lot more in the future. I mainly use my araline at the moment. I bought it because I loved the style; I thought the roxanne would be too big for my needs so the rosemary was perfect. I like the versatility of the shoulder strap too which means you can use it as a hand held or shoulder bag. I am still waiting for it to develop a patina... I guess I should use it a bit more, but my lifestyle at the moment means I dont go that many places to use all my bags and Im not going to use the rosemary for work.
  3. Hi Hulahoop: I have a black one, that I bought from Saks on sale a year ago when they still carried Mulberry for about $498. I bought it for the same reason: the Roxanne looked too big, and I liked that the Rosemary had the shoulder strap. I did not see it IRL before I bought it as I got it online. And I was surprised at how small it was. That said, I can fit everything inside and it is a fun smaller bag to use. I call it my "ladies who lunch" bag. I do think we have gotten out of hand with big bags, and really, the Rosemary is a normal size and neither small nor large. The black won't develop a patina, and it just looks great already. I am using it right now, because I got tired of toting around the big bags. It's a great around town bag. I find the little pouches on the outside don't hold much -- maybe matches and keys.
  4. I have one in oak, too. I don't use it as an everyday bag, i carry too much stuff for that. When I'm travelling, I like to have a large bag as a carry-on, but it is great to have a smaller bag in the luggage for sightseeing etc., and the shoulder strap is nice to have then, too. And it is good you are unlikely to see it on every corner.
  5. I've got one in Mauve.:heart:
    I have noticed it's very hard to find now, and not many people talk about it, but i love it! I paid £360 for it.

    The Mauve is not an everyday colour choice, so i save it for summer/days out.

    I liked the Roxanne, but the versatility of the Rosemary's shoulder strap with the same style as the Roxanne, is what sold it for me.:yes:
    rosemary w.jpg
  6. You know, seeing your mauve picture...made me realize. How much better Rosemary and I think Roxanne look irl. More slouchy and less structured and boxy. One thing I don't like about the bag is that the two handles are really short. They can really only be hand held. And you can't even hang them over your arm. Your mauve Rosemary is gorgeous!!!
  7. Hi, I've a Rosemary in both Mauve and Oak. I *love* them - but use them for evenings/trips out sans Spencer my 1 year old - too small for me day to day with all the stuff I carry around for him! I have Roxanne's in Chocolate, Mustard, Oak and Pink currently. My totally and utterly favourite Mulberry bags, ever !!
  8. goober, what does the roxanne in mustard look like? Ive never seen one in that shade, is it a bright ocre type colour or more muted brown?
  9. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Rosemary and u've guessed it...on e*** since the style has been discontinued. But any modelling pics or what's the dimensions so that I can better evaluate the choice I've made. What was the original retail price and the sale price if you got in during sale. Thanks in advance!!
  10. I have two - in black and Ginger. Thinking about selling my Ginger one though - I really don't use it as much, and it really was an impulse buy. I love the model though, it's so comfortable to carry and it's just the right size.
  11. Slip, I think the original retail price was £495, and they were £346 in the sale (and at the outlets I believe). If you are ever in the UK then the outlets still have them. I will try and attach some pics later.
  12. These pictures arent the best but they might given you an idea. Please excuse the scruffy clothes Ive been at home all day today! :lol:
    PICT0789.JPG PICT0793.JPG
  13. Hulahoop -- thanks for the pictures! Looks fab on you!!!!
  14. I've got a Rosemary - my boyfriend bought it for me last Christmas. It's the Oak colour and I used it practically every day over the Summer. It's just a great bag. I found the colour extremely versatile and it's just the right size for me.

    I just wish the Darwin leather wasn't so prone to marking and staining,
  15. I can't believe I missed this thread - I have one too in Black Darwin and love it! Its perfect for nipping out with at the weekend - even when I travel 'light' I still need a load of stuff with me!:smile: