Mulberry Rosemary Question

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  1. Hi all, Apologies if anyone has brought this up before, but i can't find any specific info:biggrin: ...
    Can anyone tell me why the buckles on all the different styles of Rosemary are in differing colours?:weird:


    1. This bag from Luisaviaroma - Dark/dull coloured buckles/hardware

    2. This bag from Mulberry - Very Light shiny coloured buckles/hardware

    3. This bag from eBay - Medium/Dark coloured buckles/hardware

    It seems to be all over the place..... Which coloured brassware should go with which bag, and how can you tell which is fake/real??

    Any ideas...?? Thanks!
    0038.jpg 12604_cu.jpg f4_1_b.jpg
  2. It could just be the lighting of differing pictures.
  3. I have two roxannes and they have diff. hardware. The apple green has lighter hardware and the weave (like your first pic) has dark. You can go on the mulberry website and it shoes them too.
  4. Thanks ladies - i noticed that NAP seem to show all their bags in a really bright light - making the brassware look very, very shiny, so it has something to do with the lighting as well as different brassware:biggrin:
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