Mulberry ROSEMARY - NO SERIAL number on the metal plate?

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  1. hello,
    i am not an expert on mulberry, but my emmy mulberry has got serial no. on the back of the metal mulberry plate, but my rosemary (which i bought from Nordstrom Rack) doesn't have any serial no on the back, also, it has got a small leather tag inside says that it was made in spain. do you think this is still authentic? or I might be a victim bait & switch - someone might have returned a fake one and I bought it?

    i feel so puzzled now. :confused1:
  2. DON'T WORRY!!

    Some bags have serial numbers and some don't - doesn't mean anything. i personally phoned Mulberry once and spoke to them about it as I got an oak Annie for xmas but it had a fault so exchanged it. Fist Annie didn't have serial number but the one I've ended up with has!

    Also Mulberry bags are made in Spain, Turkey, China, England - not sure where else. All mine were made in turkey!!!
  3. what a relief! thank you sooo much for posting so quickly - i was worried as hell and felt very cheated for a while, apart from that, the bag is gorgeous and i love everything about this bag!
    does anyone else has a rosemary made in spain that doesn't have serial no. on the back? i worried so much because when i bought this bag from Nordstrom rack, it came with nothing (no dust bag, no authenticity cards, no tags) and there are so many good (?) fakes out there, plus i am far from being an expert on this sort of things.
  4. If you are still worried- post piccies on the 'authenticate this' thread. If the leathers great and the bag smells good it'll be authentic I'm sure! the bag i bought from Mulberry's knightsbridge store didn't come with tags- they took them off before handing me the bag! Chances are the store lost the care card and dustbags and just put the bag out on the rack !
  5. I just bought a Rosemary from Mulberry in St Christopher's Place (just off Oxford Street in London) and it has a leather tag with Made in Spain on too :smile:

    The metal tag has a serial number on but from what Jo says, it doesn't matter if yours has one or not :smile:
  6. my oak rosemary, bought straight from the mulberry shop where it was sitting with 5 or 6 identical others was made in spain with no serial number!
  7. Hi. I bought a Rosemary from the Mulberry shop at Stansted Airport (I work at the airport and spend too much in this shop). It is made in 'China' and has no number of the metal disc. I was worried too until I asked the question on this website. I have just bought a Kensington (with a purse - but have to hide it from the husband) and that has a number on the disc - weird !!
    Have fun with the Rosemary - gorgeous bag.
  8. Hi,

    I have purchased a mulberry Elgin bag and it has no serial number on the disc and also no made in tag inside. The seller said that it was purchased from an outlet shop. Does this mean it's not real.
  9. Go to this thread and add the original link from purchase if it's eBay or add some of your own pics and the ladies will check it for you

    All the bags vary so much there is no set rule on tags and disc numbers good luck
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