Mulberry Rosemary instead of Silverado

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  1. I mentioned in another thread awhile back that I had pre-ordered a tan Chloe Silverado from Neiman Marcus online. I was in Nordstrom's yesterday and they had a tan Silverado there. In person I wasn't loving it. (They also had two in black and they had a whiskey Paddy and I believe it was a chocolate Paddy, if someone is interested.) I then went to Neiman Marcus to pick of my Balenciaga white Twiggy and saw they had some Mulberry's there. Well, I fell in love with the Rosemary in oak. Soooooooo, I went home and thought about it. I've decided to cancel my Silverado order and I'm getting the Rosemary. Now I seriously have to refrain from buying anymore bags for awhile ... for a long while .... lol. Here is a pic of the Rosemary I saw at NAP. (What's nice about it is that you can carry it like a satchel or wear it on your shoulder and it's not heavy.)
  2. It's gorgeous, and Mulberrys last forever ! Congrats. ;)
  3. the oak color on the mulberrys is the same as the whiskey on the paddingtons right???
  4. Beautiful bag! I think you made a great decesion! Love those 2 outside pocket and the hardware details!
  5. Is the Rosemary the same size as the Roxy; but, just with the shoulder strap?

    Confused because the Roxy weighs 3.7 pounds empty - to me that is too heavy and my Oak Roxy is now retired never to see the outside on my arm...I am wondering if the Rosemary was/is lighter in weight than the Roxy????

    Your choice is excellent though - Mulberry is such a great bag.

    His Angel - No, the oak is different than the whiskey. The whiskey has more orange tones than the Oak Mulberry Darwin leathers.
  6. The Rosemary is between the Bleinheim (sp?) and the Roxanne.

    I'm with you....I tried on a Roxanne again yesterday....for me, I prefer shoulder bags...and it is just too heavy and cumbersome for that that price. I love it though....if I were to find it on sale would get it in a minute.

    What color is your Roxanne?
  7. My Roxanne is Oak; I used it on two outtings and on the second, which was a shopping outting it caused my Cubital Carpal Tunnel to flare up. I was very bummed out, as I love the Darwin leather...:worried:

    I did get my Oak Roxy on sale, at Bob was only $600 - quite a steal I know, but still, now I have $600 sitting in a dustbag that I literally can't use. I went on to see if they sell shoulder straps, and they don't. :evil:
  8. Kat, I'm with you; I like the Rosemary better than the Silverado, too. Which NM did you see the Mulberrys in? I'm thinking of getting a Roxanne myself.
  9. IMO, it is a lighter color than the Paddington Whiskey.
  10. I wonder if the strap for the Rosemary would fit on the Roxanne? Maybe if you call/email them, they may be able to help you. It might just be something that it not available in their .com store.
  11. Hey Kat,

    I totally LOVE the Mulberry Rosemary, I really like the buckles! And i totally love the colour!
  12. Kat - beautiful choice! Congrats on the new bag....must post pictures when you get it!
  13. I love the hardware and all the buckles! Congrats on your purchase, Kat :biggrin:
  14. Gorgeous color...very nice!!
  15. They had quite a few at the Neiman Marcus at The Westchester mall in New York. If you do not live in the area I can give you the SA's name and phone number and you can find out if they have what you are looking for. Let me know.