Mulberry reveal

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  1. Is anyone there for my 1st proper reveal??
  2. I want to add a mulberry to my collection. I'm here...
  3. Ok here I go...
  4. I've actually got 2 to debut properly but I'll do one at a time!
  5. Nice and careful...


    Can you guess yet?
  6. Alexa hobo???
  7. I'm not very good at this am I....


    You're right!
  8. image-3781520709.jpg

    Alexa Hobo in watermelon.
    Went to pick up a "sensible" bag for day to day use, and though she isn't the most practical bag ever, I loooooove the colour!
  9. It's beautiful! loving the colour :ps:
  10. Thank you! She was hiding under the counter facing the till at Bicester. I was on my way to pay for the Daria satchel and ended up with her! Ooooops!

    I def want a Daria satchel but will hold out till I find a colour I love - the mouse grey was pretty but I didn't love it. Maybe when they get in the S/S 2012 stuff in next yr I'll find something
  11. Lovely stunning bag! Now I want to see reveal 2!
  12. Oh really?? Well I kind of Showed her elsewhere so you may have seen her, but she didn't get a proper debut... So ok!
  13. Just got "net" back up - she's soooooo lovely - I can totally see why you whisked her home with you, great choice, xH

    (since when did the word "sensible" get used in the same sentence as bags please ?!!!)
  14. Lovely Colour, you are lucky to of found her. What happened to the Mitzy?
  15. A 'good' bag is never a bad shape, size or colour!!!:lolots: