Mulberry repairs/exchange

So I sent my chestnut tillie away to repairs as it had a puncture mark on the leather from the buckle. Mulberry have kindly offered to replace/exchange the bag as it cannot be fixed. However, they have said that as sale stock is not held at their warehouse, I can only select from current season stock. This isn't really a problem and im super grateful for the exchange but im a relative newbie so I don't know if this is standard procedure? Any advice is gratefully received :smile:


<3 Mulberry
Jan 8, 2012
I'm no expert at all but sounds super to me! So are you just able to choose from any or what are your choices? I prefer the bayswater if that's in the choices! I'm in love with it :biggrin: and the alexa is beautiful! :biggrin: x
Hi ladies, I can choose up to a limit - they offered me an exchange or to select a new item. I was a bit cheeky though and replied to ask if the option was there to get a store credit as I prefer to see bags before taking the plunge, and also as the sale stock was excluded from their 'pick a new bag' offer as sale stock is held elsewhere. They have replied to me to advise that this is fine and they will advise my chosen store of my available credit, or alternatively get Shepton (which is where the credit vouchers are issued from) to send me vouchers to use in future! I'm so thrilled, as there were a couple of sale bits I liked so fingers crossed I find something on Saturday! She did say, by the way, that the sale is ending shortly although she couldn't specify when. I'm a lucky girl! :smile:


Feb 8, 2011
That's a good outcome, take the vouchers / credit and you might manage to get a tillie in the sale and something else too :smile: