Mulberry repairs, can't fault them on my repair

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  1. Ladies I know a few of you have had some issues and I'm so sorry.

    My Daria had some tarnishing on the zip fob and I wasn't going to bother sending her to the Mulb hospital, but I thought why not on a bag costing that much.

    So I took her back to Mulberry early Jan, one SA looked at me like I was a nutter and couldn't see my issue. Straight away another SA came over and agreed with me. She could see I had been careful with the bag and after I mentioned how easy the plaque got scratched, she said she'd try for that to be replaced too.

    She also gave my mini Taylor as treat of gel and got rid of some scuffs.

    I got a phone call last week to say she was ready, so Fast-forward to yesterday, I picked her up, nicely stuffed, bagged and like new.

    The whole Zip was replaced and you would never know as they followed the original stitching and to my surprise they also replaced the gold plaque

    10/10 for this repair

  2. Good to hear some good experiences :smile: I didn't realise the plaque could be renewed, can I ask how much they charged for that?
  3. Thank You I was worried it would be visible

    Sure in my case it was free as under warranty. I believe it's £25 otherwise, its a no brainer IMO if badly scratched. I've seen some hideous ones on ebay that would sell for more if fixed up.
  4. Fab result she is as good,as new
  5. This was a before pic of the stitching


    To be honest my plaque was in amazing condition anyhow, just a few light marks, so was really surprised they changed it. It's so delicate as you know

  6. Beautiful and well done mulberry repairs.
    I was really happy with my lily chain repairs too :smile:
  7. Wow that looks amazing, very impressed :smile:
  8. Thanks the plaque was before, the sratches were so faint, surprise they changed it. The zip repair is invisible. Full marks to this highly skilled trades person.