Mulberry repair problem- need advice

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  1. hehehe! maybe he thought you won the lottery! Glad your lily chain is ok :smile:
  2. Fab news CP!!!! yay xxx
  3. Good to read this had a happy ending CP well done and hope medium lily is back with you soon...sorry to hear,you have had such a trial with this does put you off when that happens ESP at the prices they charge these days
  4. Hi CP,
    I'm a bit late to the party but I had a similar problem a couple of times when they didn't have a replacement for a bag that was under guarantee.

    I think the emails are very much a standard response. I telephoned them immediately and they were absolutely wonderful and moved heaven & earth to find a satisfactory resolution.

    I have always found Mulberrys after sales care truly impeccable .

    I think you will find if you phone them next time you have a problem they will be very helpful.

  5. I'm glad it all ended happily I was worried!!!
  6. Thank you!

    That is so true elvis. These lily bags have not been as fuss free as the other bag styles I own and their email really emphasised how insane the price rises have been.

    Thanks Mulberrygal. I will phone them up next time. They were great with the first medium lily and replaced with no issue as it was still under warranty (only a couple of weeks old). I requested a repair on the medium lily this time as I prefer the grain on it to the newer grainy leather. My fear was for the regular lily which is not under warranty as I wasn't certain they would give me a like for like replacement or just a bag worth the lily's price 2 years ago. But it is all ok now and I should be getting both lily bags at some point ;)
  7. Glad you managed to get it all sorted out and pleased it all ended well for you.

    I think it's great you love both bags so much that you would rather keep them than have a newer update. Some times it's best to stick with what we have :love: I don't think the newer versions are necessarily an improvement.
  8. Glad you are happy, not a great advert for Lily though. I didn't bother with the zip pull on my Daria, but will monitor closely whilst its still within warranty.
  9. Glad you got the result you wanted. Let's hope it doesn't happen again...
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