Mulberry repair problem- need advice

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  1. Fab news, CP; I'm so glad that everything is being resolved so satisfactorily! :smile:
  2. Thanks Cupcake. I would definitely not have said no to a replacement lily!! but the only similar item for less than £475 would be the clutch on chain which is not useful for me. Although lily is small she can actually hold some stuff!

    For my medium lily I could have insisted on a replacement (2nd faulty medium lily in less than 6 months is rather annoying) but I just asked for the handles to be repaired as I think her grain is perfect!

    I tend to stick to simpler leather finishes....... Can't handle the stress of the unusual leather finishes that seem to cause all sorts of trouble. hehe. It does mean that although I was considering a blue lily I won't bother to add any more to my collection. DH will be happy!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Happy to hear your good news....everyone was in a panic there for a moment.
  5. hehehe. I know.....
  6. Good outcome and glad that you're happy. Might take a while but Mulberry got there in the end :smile: enjoy your revamped lovelies!
  7. Have been following your story with interest. So glad everything worked out well for you in the end.
  8. Hope the lovely Lillys are back with you soon. Hope it will not be spoilt by all the worry:smile:
  9. Thank you! Can't wait to get them back :smile:

    Yay. Thanks.

    Thank you. I was really worried yesterday when I wasn't sure I would be getting any lily as it is such a useful little bag. I really hope I have no further problems with the chain handles. My bays and darias have not caused any headache ever!
  10. Yey:balloon::happydance: that's great news
  11. Thank you :smile:
  12. Yay, I'm glad they clarified the issue for you CP and that you'll be reunited with your lily.
  13. :dothewave:
  14. Thank Ria and Keltygirl. They have left a hole in my bag wardrobe so can't wait to get them back!
  15. Yay that's great CP, so pleased to read the outcome! (I actually said 'YES!' and colleague near me asked what's the good news... well I didn't go into the detail lol)

    I checked my Lily's chain last night, it seems fine but I shall keep checking till the one year warranty period ends.
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