Mulberry repair problem- need advice

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  1. yes my old lily was black buffalo shine but the leather on the chain handles is not that noticeable as it is mixed with the gold links so any black leather should do IMO!!
    I hope they can sort out my medium lily too.Although that is less of an issue as it is in warranty.
    their pricing is so ridiculous that medium lily bought in may for £695 (plus airport discount) is now £895..... That is really quite INSANE as I doubt leather prices have gone up so quickly in such a short period of time.
  2. I can't see why they wouldn't offer you the same item (lily) as an exchange rather as most company's would just offer this. I would not accept the voucher just tell them you would like and replacement lily at that is all. As you may know, my medium lily went back due to cracked glazing, the store manager said he could exchange or a credit note no questions, he also offered 10% discount on any other item price as I didn't want another medium lily. Good luck CP and don't back down. 😽
  3. well that is a good result. I shall keep my fingers crossed as I really want a lily! I love my lily bags...... although they were both faulty :sad:

    I won't add any more lilies to my collection though as they have been hassle.
  4. OK So I have an UPDATE!!!!
    They can definitely replace the chain on my regular lily for £25 plus VAT. It seems there has been a miscommunication.
    They are waiting on replacement chains for medium lily.
    PHEW!!! so I will get my lovely lily bags back.
  5. Glad you got a better response and your Lily be back with you soon :smile:
  6. thanks. I am thrilled!
  7. My magic wand certainly worked :roflmfao:
    Fab news CP well done xxx
  8. I totally agree with Lulu here. To be offered the purchase price of your bag back after 2 years or possibly a replacement Lily is excellent customer service. The leather on the Lily has changed dramatically, it is not just the price that Mulberry have been increasing, their leather quality has increased also. I know that it now seems to be resolved however should you have been given a new Lily you would have got a new bag of far better leather quality in exchange for a 2 year old used one. In my eyes that is more than excellent customer service and I certainly don't know of any other brands whose customer service comes anywhere near that. I think that Mulberry should be applauded for that not slated.
  9. Good point Smally didnt realise it was 2yrs ago.
  10. yes I agree but it wasn't clear that they were offering a replacement lily.... the sentence was vaguely written so it may have been a replacement bag up to the price of the original lily (£475) which meant I couldn't replace my lily without being out of pocket by £275 as new lily bags cost £750!

    of course any sane person would happily take a replacement lily (like for like) but it wasn't clear whether that was the offer as the statement was open to misinterpretation and another tpf member mentioned their tendency for vague wording.

    But now they have gone back to my original agreement, which was to pay for replacement handles on my 2 year old lily as it is out of warranty with free repair on my new medium lily which is still under warranty!

  11. Great news! Seems mulberry have been able to give you exactly what you wanted - well done :tup:
  12. Thanks Moo. All I wanted was to have my lily! or just A black LILY (whether the original bag, a replacement, whatever). ;)
  13. Great news CP, I was going to say would it be worth emailing/calling them to see if they had got you mixed up with another customer as surely it's so easy to replace a lily chain..

    Maybe that's what happened. Glad it's all been sorted anyway, hoping for good news on medium lily :smile:
  14. thank you. they have said they are waiting to receive the order of the replacement chain for black nickel medium lily and they they can repair that one too.
    I hope I get them back before December :smile: It will feel like getting back two brand new bags!
  15. That's great news that you will get your Lilys back repaired!

    I have to say I agree with Lulu and Smally, though I couldn't have put it so eloquently. I sent my black mini croc bays for repair, as it was wearing more than it should have, for how long it had been used and it was still within warranty. They offered me a replacement bays within reason. I asked if they had any black SS bays left over from last season and ta daa...they sent one in immaculate condition. I half expected it not to be in great condition, as it was last season and it could have been out on the shop floor, stored away in quarantine and also with it being silky snake. It was perfect (still is!). They exchanged it for the sale price and I was given a credit note. I did have the choice of a replacement bays from the current season though but I wanted another black bays in an unusual leather finish.

    I agree that their email to you was very ambigious but am so pleased for you that this has now been resolved.
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