Mulberry repair problem- need advice

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  1. Ladies, I know this is a 'first world' problem but this is rather important to me. Also if I don't get the resolution I want and mulberry don't stand by their product I will NEVER purchase anything from them again. I am not sure whether or not I am misinterpreting things but here goes.

    So as you all know I have had some issues with my two lily bags which meant I had to send both my black buffalo shine regular lily (bought from selfridges almost 2 years ago) and my medium black nickel lily (bought in April this year and then replaced in May due to a fault, so it is the replacement that has the new fault). Basically the chain handles on both bags have discoloured. It started on my lily a while ago but I only really realised it was an issue when the same happened to the nickel medium lily and a lovely tpf lady mentioned the issue with hers (regular lily has gold hardware so changing to bronze was not as noticeable as changing to bronze on silver hardware). My regular lily was an occasional bag so did not get frequent use.

    Anyways I sent both my bags for repair and received an email saying they had received the bags and the repair would be straightforward. That was about 3 weeks ago.

    Today however I receive an email that reads
    "Thank you for returning your Mulberry Lily for our attention and appraisal.
    We are always grateful for any feedback from our customers and would like to thank you for taking the time and trouble to return your item to us.
    We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and service and as you can imagine we take this extremely seriously. All our components, material and products undergo rigorous quality checking before during and after production. However unfortunately from time to time a product slips through our carefully maintained quality net but we would like to assure you this is rare.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to repair the item and, no longer being part of our stocked range, we are unable to offer an exact replacement. However please choose an alternative product by viewing our website or Mulberry gift vouchers to the price you paid of £475.The vouchers are valid for one year and can be used in any stand alone, off-price or airport store. They cannot be used on line or any concession stores. Please let me know how you would like to proceed and I can process this for you."

    Now what exactly is this email saying. Does it mean I can choose an alternative regular lily (black grainy regular lily with soft gold components is a very close match) which now costs £750 or vouchers for the original price? Or is it saying I can choose a product up to £475 or vouchers up to £475.

    So this is what potentially ANGERS me because if it is the latter (product up to £475 then that is unacceptable as I can no longer get a lily for that price). I want my lily. I paid for a lily in good faith 2 years ago which was in perfect condition except for a defect that they have admitted is through NO FAULT of mine. It is the same defect that my NEW medium lily has so clearly it must be a fault with their production. I think they should send me the very similar regular lily that retails for £750 now as it is not my fault that their price increases have been so exorbitant!!!! I do not see why I should have to pay any more for a bag that I owned due to THEIR inflation.

    So do you see my dilemma? What would you do in my situation? You ladies know that I am (or used to be) a Mulberry fan. However when I bought these bags as 'investment pieces' I did not realise that an investment meant less than 2 years.

    If I do not get a regular lily as a replacement (and my medium lily back ) I can honestly say I am DONE with mulberry as it means their product is not worth buying. And this from someone who owns a very large mulberry collection.

  2. I think they are deliberately vague! When the repairs team ruined my Mabel I was sent a similar note asking me to choose an alternative as it was no longer a bag they made, so couldn't replace like for like.

    I went back and asked them to clarify up to what value I could choose, as an ostrich bayswater would be very nice! ;) they came back pretty quick and told me what my limit was! Alternatively just tell them you want the replacement lily and see where it goes
  3. Thanks somersetlove. All I want is a regular lily! I am not asking for ostrich ;)
    What bag did you replace Mabel with? Was it more expensive.
  4. Much more expensive - LE UJ bays :biggrin:
  5. Ok I shall keep my fingers crossed I get a new regular lily!
  6. Oh no CP, that's horrible. I really don't understand why they can't replace the chain. Surely they could cut it and thread a new one through?

    Sadly, I think they do mean the latter where you've got £475 to spend in Mulberry, meaning you'd be spending £275 on top to get the equivalent bag. I'd expect the bag to last longer than two years to be fair.

    How bad was the discolouration? I'd be tempted to ask for the bag back and overlook the discolouration. I Just don't understand why the chain can't be replaced. Best of luck CP & keep us posted.

    Just seen somersetlove's post, I'd definitely argue for a regular grain lily as a replacement and not settle for the vouchers. Good luck
  7. Oh no! I hope not as they have not offered to send my bag back. I really don't understand why the chain couldn't be replaced. Even they had said it was straightforward at the beginning.
    I won't accept just £475 though as it is not a problem with wear and tear. They have admitted there is a fault and my new medium lily has the same problem.
    If I had damaged it, it would be a different story but they have admitted the fault and I want a lily! The discolouration is very obvious in the sunlight which is why I only noticed when in Singapore as the UK is so gloomy! Ahaha.
  8. TBH I really can't understand why they can't stick a chain on from the newer lily? However if they can't, then it is only reasonable for them to replace like for like; as you say it would be grossly unfair to make you pay extra for a replacement.

    Definitely ask for the new lily.

    I must go and check mine now and make sure that chain is ok!
  9. You definitely should!! I can't understand why they can't just replace the chain either. Who knows? But I want a LILY!!
  10. Sorry to hear your story CP.
    I have found the repairs team to be nothing short if excellent when I've dealt with them. I sent a reg ss Alexa back to be assessed and it was deemed beyond repair. They asked me to choose something to the same value or receive a voucher. I asked for a replacement regular Alexa and this is what I received, no quibble.
    The order was processed same day.
    I'm sure if you ask for a replacement, that's what you'll receive.
    Good luck x
  11. So sorry to hear this CP very annoying i know how you adored your med lily.
    I do hope they pull their finger out and do the right thing.
    Heres waving a magic wand your way and wishing you the very best of luck xxxx
    Keep us updated on what they decide.
  12. Good heavens! I am obviously very dim! When my SS Lexie was deemed beyond repair I meekly accepted a £675 credit voucher (it was a sale bag) which was far short of the price of a brand new second SS Alexa is now in for repairs after only two months of use, it's within warranty (purchased from Bicester this Spring), and if they can't fix it I will ask for a replacement not a credit note....

    BTW how can they not fix a medium Lily cut it and thread a new one through .....or am I missing something???!!!!!!
  13. If I get a new lily I will vouch that the company stands by their products so I shall hope it is the former and not the latter option. I really loved my lily. I love both of my lily bags, regular and medium and can't be without either size.
  14. It is regular lily they emailed about. They haven't updated me on medium as yet.
  15. Oh dear! I won't accept the voucher as I should not be out of pocket for a bag they have deemed had a fault. I bought it in good faith! The fact the same thing has happened to the medium lily which is newer and still in warranty shows that there are definitely issues with how they colour the chains.
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