Mulberry Ready-To-Wear

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  1. Be grateful for any info from those of you who have tried Mulberry RTW. I'm going to the Catwalk show in Glasgow next week. I really don't think I would buy any clothes. I'm a High St kind of shopper clothes wise.

    Anyway just in case anything floats my boat what are Mulberry sizes like? I'm a UK 14/16. Can go as low as a 12 in M&S but could struggle with say a Pringle 16/XL.

    If I took a Mulberry Large/16 into a changing room am I likely to come out looking like 5 pounds of potatoes in a 3 pound bag?

    They are getting doggie models too! I can't wait to see that.
  2. OOOh have fun. I'm not sure about the sizing as I only tried on the ferocious pink hairy snood!!
  3. I doubt the sizing will be generous but it's always a useful way of picking up trends and then obtaining similar garments elsewhere.
  4. So lovely to go on Mulberry Catwalk show ! There is nothing like that where I live, You have to tell us all about it afterwards!
  5. No idea as to their sizing, Corries! We don't have Mulberry RTW here...
    Have fun at the catwalk show and report back to us! Did Becky get an invitation to the canine fashion show....?
  6. Have fun! Would have loved to go to one, but as Lakrits is saying- don't think we have any here either.. Haven't tried any Mulberry clothes on. They don't have clothing in the Mulberry store in Oslo, only had it the one day that they had the S/S collection on display last Autumn.

    Please tell us how it all was afterwards.
  7. Hey Corries, I was invited to that but have to pass as it's a wee bit far for me to go that evening. Hope you have a fab time. Can't believe you are a 14/16!!!!! You certainly don't look it in your pics, xx
  8. More 16 than 14 after Christmas and Birthday Tiree. It's the pot belly which I hate!

    There's no point in Mulberry coming North of the Border with a heap of Skinny Minnie sizes. We are mostly built for comfort up here not speed. I suppose tons of the Glasgow Glitterati will be there.

    That will be a laugh. Rangers and Celtic WAGS recreating the Battle of the Boyne over a pair of Bayswater pumps!

    Met one of the local GG in the corner shop this week. Carol Smillie in looking for Cornflour! I never imagine slebs doing anything so menial.
  9. My little sister inherited some of last seasons RTW cast offs from a friend of hers and apparently they run true to size but then my sister is a 6/8 and could carry off a bin liner with finesse!! I'm very tempted by one of this season's jackets but I doubt I'd fit one since I'm also a 14/16 currently!
  10. Thanks for that MulberryGirl85. Be a whole lot simpler if they don't fit!

    I'll go for the doggies and laugh like a drain if they p*ss the catwalk. Dr Death, the local Mulberry manager has organised them. He'd be mortified!
  11. Lol!!! Could be messy!!! :lolots:
  12. I found Mulberry sizes quite small. Being size 8, the cardigan I bought is size S, but the M was no different. The coat I tried on in size 8 was too small for me, and I had to take 10. The light cardigan in small size looked undersized to me. I thinkm it may depend on what garment you buy.
  13. Thanks korzinka, I suspected as much. I'll see the dogs , have a quick butcher's at the clothes and get a bag of chips for the train home!