Mulberry Question

  1. If you head to the mulberry site, click shop online, women's bags, and then click totes and shoppers, these two beautiful cream bags come up, the one on the right is quickly becoming the only thing my mind will think about. However, I can't find the bag anywhere on the site besides in that picture. Does anyone know the style name? I'd cut and paste but the pics are in video form. Any help?
  2. oops, you click on leather bags, not women's bags.
  3. it's fitzrovia.

    click on about mulberry -> collection -> leather goods.
  4. oh my. it's amazing. thank you!
  5. Stacy > I just recently bought that bag. You should really try to get hold of one, I love mine to death! :love:
  6. Oh, I went to that site the other night, and that was the one that grabbed me too.

    I've gotta leave this area for awhile (okay, just a little while). I've gotten two bags in the last week, and they weren't giving away one of them. :sad:
  7. Big prices for these new bags---I loved that little keychain ball with the spikes--even that was 195 (euros I think,) WOWSER.