Mulberry Question from a Newbie!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I love love love handbags but have never purchased a Mulberry or been on the Mulberry forum!! However, I would like to purchase the traditional Bayswater for my first Mulberry bag. I've done several searches and can't find exactly what I'm looking for, so I apologize if the information is already out there somewhere!!
    Does anyone know if the Bayswater is made in fuschia in a non-exotic leather and if so, how I can order it? I haven't seen it on the web site or ebay, but it seems like a basic color?
    Please help me start my new collection!!!

    Stephanie :smile::smile::smile::smile:
  2. Hello, welcome to Mulberry forum!

    There are much more experienced long term Mulberry ladies than me but as far as I know recent fuschia found were Buffalo leather at outlet - however one of them lost underneath blueness and turned orangie. There was Fuschia Ombre (getting darker towards bottom) for full price couple of years ago & one of us got it at outlet last year but not around anymore. I don't think Darwin fuschia was existed, may be NVT at some stage but no longer around. There was lipstick one as well actually though not fuschia - more pink.

    I see you are in US, I'm afraid outlet doesn't ship overseas, sorry. It may come up on e*Bay but please post it on Authentication thread to check!!

    Hope this helps a little, good luck, Bays are classic - you can't go wrong (though some of leather are heavier than others if that's bothers you). :balloon:
  3. Welcome stephanie!

    I got a fuchsia Bays (soft grain leather) from one of our trusted sellers, who in turn purchased it from one of the outlets. That was last year so don't know whether they are still around. As ratrat said, the outlets won't post overseas, but you could contact one of the trusted sellers to see whether they know of any fuchsia Bays still being around.
    If you PM me I will give you the name.
  4. welcome, mulberrys are a bit addictive lol!
    im sure some of the experts will help you find what your looking for!
  5. Stephanie, welcome to Mulberry!! Please beware they are quite addictive...

    Stephanie, there are 2 Mulberry stores in NYC - one on Madison Avenue and one on Bleeker Street. I also live in the US and don't have much access to Mulberry. However, the SA's at the Madison Avenue store are so nice. I have dealt with 3 of them - there is one there, Ehab, who loves the Bayswater bags and can tell you all you need to know about them. There are a few others there who are very helpful.

    Off the top of my head I don't know their number. But, if you go onto the Mulberry website and search store locations I believe it is there or, you can always do a search on google for Mulberry Store on Madison Avenue in NYC.

    Another tidbit is, that they won't charge sales tax if there is not a Mulberry Store in your state. They do, however, charge a $20 shipping fee. But, that is much better than the tax :smile: I don't think, and correct me if I am wrong, there are Mulberry stores except in NYC.

    I do hope I have helped you. I got my first Mulberry about a month ago and it was a chocolate bays. Great bag to start your collection.
  6. Mulberry's classic colours are oak, chocolate and black. Every season they manufacture Bayswaters in different leathers/colours. I love the Bayswater style and think it would make an excellent first Mulberry purchase for you!

    I had a fuchsia Bayswater in buffalo leather, purchased from an outlet last June, but as Ratrat mentioned, the blue tones disappeared and turned very orange/yellow. I was very disappointed with this change as I LOVED the colour it was to begin with, so I sent it off to Mulberry heaven.

    Good luck finding what you're looking for!
  7. Thank you so much everyone for your good advice - I will watch ebay and possible contact one of your resellers!!! Wish me luck!:yahoo:
  8. I know... :drool:
  9. Wow, that's a stunning bag! :love: From my hometown too. Lol... good spot Miss Mabel!
  10. Woah, lovely bags, snap 'em up Steph :smile: