Mulberry Quality Surprise

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  1. I decided to wear my new black poppy this morning and imagine my surprise when the zipper for the inside zipper compartment came off its track. Visions of lugging my belongings home in a shopping bag danced in my head. Then I pulled the zipper back and to my amazement, it corrected itself.

    Land's End has been proudly proclaiming its use of these kinds of zippers but it looks like Mulberry just quietly switched to them, no fanfare necessary.

    It was a wonderful surprise and makes this even more of a favorite bag.

    Did anyone else know about this?
  2. No I didn't but it's nice to know, I don't need to worry then if that happens to my Poppy - Thank you!

    BTW I love your avater...once you start noticing, it seems just appearing everywhere!
  3. How clever of dear old Mulberry.