Mulberry Purse can't be repaired

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  1. Hi

    I sent back a mulberry black congo purse for repairs, inside the stitching has come apart at one side the width end, otherwise all good.

    Just had a email back from Mulberry saying they cannot repair it, they are going to get the Quality Manager are going to look at it to make sure.

    So what happens if they can't repair it, it's out of warranty.

    Help and advice appreciated.
  2. I don't know from a mulberry point of view I guess they will just send you it back? You could always try a local cobbler to repair it, I took my alexa to my local (and very trusted!) cobbler who repaired some stitching to the strap and you can't tell where he has repaired it. He charged me £5 to do it, it was out of warranty and sending it back alone to mully would have been more than a fiver...guess its finding someone you trust tho x
  3. To say I am astonished is beyond belief, had a reply today and even though the purse is 10 years old they have established there is a fault with the item and I can choose any new purse from the website up to £295.

    I am over the moon and off to choose my new purse.

    Well done Mulberry.
  4. Great news happy choosing x
  5. Great news!!
  6. Fab news !
  7. Fantastic! Happy shopping!
  8. Glad to hear that :smile:
  9. wow! Excellent!