Mulberry Prices

  1. Hi Folks

    Just been browsing the Mulberry website & can across this:

    The Mulberry Piccadilly - £495 for denim!!!! £395.00 for vinyl Roxanne tote!! (I mean, when all's said & done it's plastic, pure & simple!)

    Much as I love the brand & most (if not all) their designs up to now - I do think that this is taking the p*** a little!

    Having said all this I think that the black / white Mabel is to die for!

    What do you all think? How does Mulberry justify these sort of prices.

    Why are Mulberry bags so expensive in general?

    I'd be interested to hear everyone else's views on the matter.

    Jue X
  2. Jue, I think they are trying to enter into the higher tier of bags. I agree some of the prices are really outrageous! That denim bag will be priced at $995 in the US. No way in he!! would I spend that kind of money on a cloth bag! I am willing to spend the money on great leather, but I have to draw the line somewhere or DH would have me committed...
  3. I totally agree it has to be leather for those kind of prices Mulberry seem to have been going this way with prices since the agyness came out
  4. When Mulberry realise that they are selling less,then surely they will have to lower the prices next season.
  5. Kroquet's right, Mulberry is positioning itself in the high-end designer bag range. I'm certainly not prepared to pay those prices for denim or vinyl but just think, people will. LV's baggy PM & baggy GM range started at around £600 ($1,200) and it was snapped up. I think the day will come when Mulberry will be regarded in the same echelon as LV, Prada etc
  6. The prices are very high now.

    I was thinking about that patent Roxanne tote and how ridiculous to release it in vinyl. However, if they did it in patent leather how expensive would it have been? Same price as the maxi Mabel? £900? For a one-season-wonder bag, I don't think they'd have sold many :lol:

    I guess having "cheaper" fashion bags that aren't leather helps new customers buy into the brand. I do quite like the idea of the denim Piccadilly - the fabric works well in the style and, presumably, is SO much lighter than leather. However, how much would I be prepared to pay for a large denim bag? Maybe £200 at most.

    The Roxanne tote? Maybe £125.

    I'm aware that I only tend to buy at sales but I still think they have priced these particular bags too high. The Piccadilly should be around £350, the Roxanne tote around £250.

    How much do Prada & Gucci non-leather bags cost? I seem to remember considering a Gucci messenger at one point that was around the £350 mark. It was far less detailed than the Mulberry - but arguably a more prestigious brand.
  7. Prada non-leather are a fortune. I very nearly bought a tessuto gauffre last summer. It was tiny and it was £800! Saw sense thankfully.
  8. Still thinking that the investors are going to have final say. Mulberry's stock is trading lower after starting their advertising blitz in magazines and store expansion. They don't have a strong Spring Collection to support all of the advertising.

    I'm still not sure what their goal is on a corporate level. Rebranding the image to higher tier, appealing to different consumer group?
  9. Oh god, I just shelled out £50 for a canvas strap for my lemon Brooke.....I really wanted a leather strap to match but that would have been £90, and I figured that I will be able to use the canvas strap (which is cream) with other bags in future too. ARGH I can't believe I just did this :shame:
  10. Totally agree the prices seem too high. I probably wont buy a bag until a stronger style that screams Mulberry comes out. The poppy is nice but ouch the price!!!!!!!!! Looked at the belen enchadia (spelt wrong) website and theres a nice more stylish bag (& cheaper)which looks similar.
  11. OMG :wtf: that is SO expensive. What kind of strap did you order? Just the plain canvas messenger strap or a Somerset shoulder strap? I enquired about a canvas Seth strap the other day and was told £50. I'm sure the canvas straps used to be £30 and the leather (Rosemary) straps were £50. What was the leather strap they'd have sent you? An Emmy/Alana strap? That's the only bag that I recall being made in lemon that would have a suitable strap :confused1:
  12. Dita have you bought a strap for your emmy yet? I'm kinda thinking of selling mine as its so heavy but I love the shape and look of it, would love to hear how you get on with a strap.
  13. No. I was ready to pay £30 for the canvas strap but when they said £50 it sort of floored me a little bit and I said I'd call back :shame: I'm looking into other options now :yes:
  14. I told them I had an Emmy instead of a Brooke (cos someone on here mentioned that Mulberry don't like you changing straps on their bags) and they said that the leather strap for that would have been £90. I'm not sure what sort of strap the canvas one is, just that it's cream with brushed brass fittings - the girl at customer services asked me what colour the fittings were and it will take until next week to arrive so they might even be making it especially. I'm hoping to buy a coconut/vanilla coloured bag too at some point so I figured I'll be able to use it on more than one bag - I'm already using the Brooke's chain on my Belle too, and I like the flexibility to be able to swap things to make a new look :smile:
  15. That would be me!! :lol:

    Good call on the versatile colour. I was planning on getting cream with oak trim as I thought that would make it "go" with the Emmy - otherwise it might just look random. However, I was also considering using it on the Phoebe and, as that's olive, it wouldn't go.

    It would be great if you could post a pic once your strap arrives so I can see what I think :flowers: