mulberry prices

  1. I have just received the mulberry brochure for early spring 2008
    I really like the large agyness in chocolate but the price of 795 really puts me off
    the thing that used to be really good about Mulberry when i first started to buy them was the price for a high end designer bag now they seem to be pushing the price up towards the 1000 mark
    I think this is way too much if i was going to spend that much on a bag i would go for prada or chloe
    What does everyone else think
  2. I think is also a marketing tool. If the prices are higher it will bring more attention to high end buyers and let's say more celebrities. At least this will help to keep the value of our bags high after the years and raise Mulberry recognition worldwide. But yeah kind of sucks.
  3. Hi there,How did you manage to get a copy of next years mulberry brochure?
    Any new styles?
  4. I am on their mailing list as I have bought a few items from them via mail order
    its only a small brochure with a few new items the agyness being the best imo
  5. I got the brochure, too. (I say brochure - it's more like a leaflet :lol:).

    Love the large Agyness but agree that £795 seems very high. I also really like the antique gold Spencer but that's £695 :tdown:

    Not hugely keen on the little evening bags, tbh, but I love the sound of the "miniature bayswater keyring" that was mentioned in the accompanying leaflet - I'll definitely be looking out for that one (assuming it's keyring price, rather than bag price!)
  6. FWIW, I spoke w/the SA at Liberty last week (where I purchased my first Mulberry - Bayswater) and she said that hands down, the Mulberry's were made so much better than the Chloes. Often enough, Chloe bags were being returned for repairs - and not just minor things (like handles coming off of bags, etc.)
    I'm here in the States where Chloes are more plentiful - and I have bought several....only to return them after inspecting them closely at home. Just my opinion, but think that Mulberry's are better made than Chloes. I would never pay full price for a Chloe....I paid full price for my Bayswater!
  7. I agree that they are well made but I still think it is a shame that some of the newer styles are sold for around the £800.00 mark I know the argument is that they are classic styles and will last forever but I don't know about everyone on here but I still go off bags and don't use certain older ones even though the justification for paying a lot of money for a handbag was that it will last me forever
  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I may start trawling the outlets more then,as my bags have to be really functional(as well as gorgeous) I can't jusify spending more than what they are at the moment.If Sophie spilt ribena on a bag for nearly a grand, I'd kill myself,after I slit her gizzard of course! Seriously tho,it is getting into Prada ,Chloe,YSL and Baleciaga territory and if I was to spend that much money, I'd go for one of the latter,or I'd be getting served with divorce papers if I did!! So guess I won't be spending that much on a bag anytime soon.
  9. I did spend a lot on a Chloe Paddington (which I still have and use) and more recently a huge amount on a Prada (which I sold for a massive loss). It was a brief flirtation with the £1k a bag lot and I'm relieved to say I'm over it now. Mulberry was my first ever designer bag and spending £200 - £400 is more in my comfort zone.
    When it came down to it the £1k Prada just wasn't made 3 times better than my Mulberry bags but it was 3 times the price. The leather was lovely but the difference wasn't really discernible.
    I've imposed a limit on myself now and try not to spend over £350 on any one bag - hence my delight when Phoebe went down to £297 as I'd walked away when it was £416.
    Mabel may be the bag of the moment but I just know next year it will be in the factory shop for a bargain price.
  10. Has anyone seen the Agyness bag yet? Is it as gorgeous as it looks in the brochure? Would anyone pay £795.00 for it?
  11. Jackie has,I'm a bit poo with new styles as I don't get out and about often enough to keep in front,I rely on people like Jackie! Maybe someone with the leaflet could take piccies of the new ones and post them on here,I did it with a diamond setting for a girl and it worked really well!! If someone could do that I would actually be so grateful,as I do feel a bit of a bumpkin stuck out here in the dogs backside of the World that is called Cheshire,me and my sanity thank you sincerely in advance!!!!
  12. The main promo picture of the Agyness bag is on the back cover of the current issue of Grazia if anyone has that.
  13. I think my max now for a bag would be £500 so most of the newer designs would be out of my price range! Having joined this forum and bought one bag at an outlet I'll definatley try the outlets before spending full price on something.
  14. I too received the small booklet this week and my favourite of the new bags is the Agyness but will wait a while before l purchase to see if the price goes down. I ordered via telephone on Thursday afternoon three bags from the outlet store. The olive Phoebe, a Bayswater in Ginger and an oak Knightsbrige and they arrived on Friday while l was at work. DH signed for them and said not more bags!!! l was really surprised at the fast delivery service - and the fact that you only pay one delivery charge - now thats what l call excellent customer service.