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  1. Hello everyone -

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience purchasing Mulberry over the phone in the US? What was it like? Preferable to online ordering?
  2. I have ordered over the phone several times and it has always gone quite smoothly. One advantage is that my SA in California always waives shipping and sends it expedited with 2 day delivery. I'm a couple of states away from any Mulberry so that is always how I shop unless I order online, in which case the items generally come from New York it seems.
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  3. There used to be a Mulberry store in NoVA, which was still a good 4 hours drive away from me (assuming the DC area traffic is "nice"), so I used to order by the phone, and they'd have it shipped to me within 2 days. Everything would be perfectly wrapped as if I bought it in the store with the shopping bag included.

    Since the Mulberry store in VA has closed, my SA moved to Texas, and even though I haven't ordered by phone from her, she says it's possible. On the other hand, I've also purchased from the Mulberry outlet store in SoCal by phone before, and they were quite nice. Same 2 day delivery and same packaging as before, but I've never had my shipping waived before like youngster! WHO'S YOUR SA??? LOL It was also $15ish USD I think to have the shipping.

    Anyway, the only problem I've had is when they shipped my Bayswater Clutch to the wrong address 2 Christmases ago, and the only solution was to hunt down the address myself because somehow, legally, the Postal Service couldn't get it for me, and Mulberry wasn't going to send another bag. There was another time where they had to call me back because they forgot to get the number on the back of my card. SO MAKE SURE THEY HAVE ALL OF YOUR INFO CORRECT! It seems to be so much harder to get that done by phone. It'll save you panic attacks.
  4. Thank you for your advice! I just placed a phone order today from the Las Vegas - Forum Shops store, and they will text me when they ship with an approximate delivery date (opted for the 2 day shipping, and they offered it for free). For some reason they can't give out any tracking numbers from the store.
  5. Wow, really? I ended up biting the bullet and buying a Small Clifton today by the phone because of extra 30% off of sales, and they had me pay the $15 shipping. Ordered it from the Dallas store this time. Maybe you have to spend a certain amount to get offered the free shipping. Before I spent a little less than $400 (I think), and this time, my Small Clifton cost less than $500.
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