Mulberry Phoebe

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  1. Ah if only I had the money... I do love the phoebe :heart: Have been considering one as my next purchase (in 2008 :yes:)

    Is yoox ok re authenticity?
  2. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  3. No that's not oak, it is a funny (in my opinion) pale salmony colour and looks a bit washed out. Can't recall what Mulberry's name for the colour is off the top of my head, although I am pretty certain it isn't tan. Thinking about it, it might be coral.
  4. Could it be "Nude"?
    I purchased a Mulberry Phoebe in Nude from Saks back in Summer 2006. The colour is similar to the one advertised in Yoox. The leather gets darker over time and it's very durable.
  5. Nude is a pale sand colour, whereas the picture shown is more pinky. It might be possible that Mulberry name some colours differently in the UK and US though, if your nude looks similar to the photo in yoox.
  6. Looking at the Mulberry website I think it's the nude colour too, have a look at the Emmy on the Mulberry site and you'll see how pinky it can look