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Mulberry Phoebe Question


Aug 11, 2006
I just purchased a Mulberry bag yesterday at Nordstroms, great deal too.
I noticed it was made in Turkey as I know many Mulberry bags are, however, I also noticed a serial number on the back of the Mulberry tree tag.
I have a Mulberry Roxanne and there is no serial number on the back of that one. Is this something new that Mulberry is doing?
Any input would be much appreciated!


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
I'm not sure, but may I ask which nordies/price? I've been dying for one of these bags and always miss the sales!

BTW I love your avatar!! My westie is currently hiding from me becuase he knows he did something wrong, but I'm not sure what just yet LOL. its always those moments where you are truly frightened..


Aug 11, 2006
I got it at Nordstrom in Costa Mesa, I would have preferred the chocolate brown, but this was the only one they had, it was $429!!
I would recommend calling Nordstrom customer servicel 1-888-282-6060 to see if they can locate what you are looking for, I know they recently had a big sale and apparently there were plenty of Mulberry bags.
Good luck!


Feb 4, 2006
I bought a chocolate brown Phoebe in July from Nordstrom SCP and it doesn't have a serial number in the bag of the brass tag. My Roxanne doesn't have a serial number either, I purchased it from Holt Renfrew last December. Some of the older Mulberrys have serial numbers ... I heard that they stopped putting serial numbers because of the counterfeits. Maybe on certain colors or styles, they may still put serial numbers on. Sorry if I didn't help much ... maybe someone else will know more.:sad: