Mulberry Phoebe for $140!!!

  1. I went to Off 5th yesterday to see if there was anything that I could buy to use the 30% off coupon posted over at Deals & Steals. I came across a black Mulberry Phoebe for $199. And with the 30% off it came to $140!!! I was :yahoo::yahoo:!!! Here is the picture of my Phoebe:yes::yes:!!!
  2. What a great deal and lovely purse too!
  3. WOWZA! WOOHOOIE!!!! I'll tell you what kelkel, either you strike big when you get to that store or you got nothin! Happy to hear you STRUCK GOLD!
  4. That is a great deal. Wow!!!!
  5. Wow, what a fantastic deal! I love that bag
  6. whew, you did well for yourself! Pretty purse!
  7. WOW!!!!!! That's an amazing deal!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Beautiful!! May I ask which off 5th and if they had anymore LOL.
  9. awesome..... congrats on the great deal.....
  10. steal!:yahoo:
  11. Aren't you the smart's a beauty!
  12. wow you are so lucky! Enjoy:smile:
  13. Wow lucky you :yahoo:Congrats, I love Mulberry :heart:
  14. great score! congrats!!
  15. Congrats on finding such a great deal! It's a beautiful bag ... I have one in chocolate brown and I love love it! Congrats again and enjoy!