mulberry phoebe bag

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  1. Go to their web site. I ordered a Bayswater from the site a few days ago. :idea:
  2. yup i saw it. except it will cost well over 1200! with the duties and customs. makes me mad i missed the saks sale!
  3. Do you mind posting how long it takes you to get it once it arrives?

    I am debating the choco roxy, and I might order direct so I can add a wallet to my order. If I order from NAP, then no wallet. :sad2:
  4. Damn! :sad:

    I would have grabbed one in a minute! I have been looking at the black ones...but the brown is beautiful too.
  5. Will do...I ordered it on Jan 1st and already have become impatient. I hate waiting for stuff...hate it.:shame:

  6. damn, that would have been a real bargain!
  7. Okay Fayden - from another forum a gal posted a link to the Phoebe at 50% off.

    Go to the store, then sales items, then click Mulberry, and you will see the oak Phoebe at 50% off and the dk brn Phoebe at 50% off.

    I would call first for availability but, they are on the website and supposedly the website is a physical upscale store in Charleston SC; also legit.
  8. Oh yes, Bob Ellis is definitely legit, as Loganz said, it's a high -end store,they have great stuff. I go to their store in Charlotte.
  9. I am so tempted to snatch one of those bags up; they even have the oak Roxy at 50% = torn!!
  10. ^^ I'm tempted too Loganz, nice stuff there except for that ugly BV on sale!
  11. ^^^ I agree about the BV - I had never even seen that before; perhaps there is a reason that some of these bags are on sales, no? :amuse:
  12. ^^ Ain't it the truth. My palms got sweaty over that gold python Devi Kroell though, I must look away I must look away!
  13. ^^ so true, when I see a good deal, or something I really want, my heart starts to race as I go through the pros and cons of making an unanticipated purchase. It is as if handbags are an addiction; I think I just explained how addicts feel when they are experiencing a craving. :P
  14. WOW you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :love: now i just have to see if i'll order it today....