Mulberry Patents

  1. I know patent is the big thing this fall and I love that Mulberry is doing their Bayswater in purple as well as the original black. But can anyone tell me if they are going to be doing this bag in red?:confused1: I have looked on the website but they only have two patents, neither red. I did though see a woman in Selfridges carrying a red one, could it be that this was a fake or did I miss when the red one came out previously. Please help as I really want a red patent for work :dothewave:
  2. it's my first time on mulberry forum, but this thread is something my mom just talked about yesterday! :idea: she told me she saw the purple patent bayswater & liked it, but just thought she would love it even more if it was red. And she asked from SA and they told her they do make it in red patent too but they weren't getting any into that particular store (=Mulberry Shop Helsinki). So they do exist, good luck in finding one!
  3. Thanks, I have heard that the retail outlets in the UK sell different things so I may be taking a trip very soon!!
  4. I'm sure they do. check with the flagship stores in London- this would be the one on Bond Street and the one on Brompton Road.
  5. For summer, Mulberry released a patent Bayswater in Fuchsia. However, it seems that they have sold them out from their website, since it does not list that particular colour any more.
  6. Theres a section on their website 'coming soon' might be work a look, if not try ringing up the shops, their stock may differ slightly.....good luck :smile: